10 Anime Characters Like Billy Butcher From The Boys


Now streaming on Amazon Prime, The boys garnered high praise from viewers and critics. A team of vigilantes operating under the leadership of William “Billy” Butcher work to hold the subdued “supes” accountable for their reckless actions that result in the death of civilians and the destruction of property.

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Butcher is the leader of The Boys and a man on a mission. Consumed with revenge, Butcher is determined to destroy a particular “super”, The Homelander. A hot-tempered, selfish, and daring man, Butcher doesn’t hesitate to put his life on the line for his friends. Some anime characters, like Butcher, are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Colonel Roy Mustang is a member of the Amestrian State Army and a hero of the Ishval War in Fullmetal Alchemist. A State Alchemist, Roy is extremely powerful and controls fire. Like Butcher, Roy also strives to fight the corruption-ridden army and let justice prevail.

He doesn’t hesitate to say exactly what he thinks, much to the chagrin of his peers. Roy cares about the people who work with him and those he trusts.

9 Kuroo knows how to annoy his opponents (Haikyuu)

Tetsuro Kuroo is the captain of the Nekoma High School men’s volleyball team. Kuroo has a laid back personality which makes him seem suave. However, he is an infamous provocative expert who knows what to say to get the desired response from his audience.

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Kuroo is one of the most popular characters in Haikyuu. He has a sharp tongue and he is vengeful on the pitch. For each point given up, he strives to score 2 more.

8 The smoker is tired of those in charge (One Piece)

Smoker is an ex-Marine who strives to get justice in the best and fastest way possible. He is fed up with superiors who try to control everything. Smoker is unafraid to rise up against his superiors, proudly displaying his infamous loose-cannon tendencies and rebellious attitude.

Much like Butcher, Smoker doesn’t want to become famous or popular. He just wants to make the world a better place. It follows its own code, sometimes wrongly.

seven Anderson will use any means necessary to achieve his goal (Hellsing Ultimate)

Ultimate HellsingAlexander Anderson is a devout Catholic who runs an orphanage outside Vatican City. He is obsessed with his “crusade” and incorporates passages from the Bible into his speech. Anderson isn’t shy about using foul language and putting people in their place.

Anderson is a determined man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Much like Butcher’s obsession with The Homelander, Anderson’s fanatical obsession with the word of God makes him a dangerous anti-hero.

6 Madara wants world peace on his own terms (Naruto Shippuden)

Madara Uchiha co-founded the Hidden Leaf Village and is one of the main antagonists of the Fourth Ninja War in Naruto Shippuden. After the development of Konohagakure, Madara argued with his best friend and co-founder, Senju Hashirama, about the best methods to achieve peace.

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Madara, like Butcher, isn’t afraid to cut ties. Both expect their counterparts to be the good guys while they do whatever they want. Butcher and Madara are extremely smart and cunning.

Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodLady Armstrong is the older sister of Alex Louis Armstrong. She is tasked with protecting the northern border of Amestris at Fort Briggs. A member of the military, Lady Armstrong is the heiress of the prestigious Armstrong family. She is a demanding leader who wants everything to be done to her liking.

Much like Butcher, Lady Armstrong is strict with her subordinates and ruthless with her enemies, showing no compassion for anyone who dares cross her path. She has a sharp tongue which is backed up by her violent fighting skills.

4 Trevor’s family was wrongfully exiled and excommunicated (Castlevania)

Trevor Belmont is the main protagonist of Netflix Castlevania. Trevor is the last surviving member of the Belmont family tasked with protecting the citizens of Wallachia. As a result, he lost his motivation in life. However, when he encounters Alucard and Sypha, he finds purpose again.

Trevor and Butcher both lost their families to people in power. They are both bitter men who like to indulge in the wonders of alcohol. While they make sure their teammates are safe, they are just as tough and tough on them.

3 Ryo doesn’t hesitate to kill (Devilman Crybaby)

Devilman Crybaby’s unique animation received critical and commercial praise. Ryo Asuka, who is actually Satan, is an angel who argued with God and was later banished to Earth. Ryo doesn’t care about the law and openly carries and uses guns. He never hesitates to take a life.

Ryo wants to create a better, more peaceful world without demons. He swears to protect Akira’s secret that he is a Devilman. He cares deeply about his friends, just like The boys‘ Butcher. However, once Satan takes over, Ryo loses his humanity.

2 Lelouch despises his father (Code Geass)

Code Geass‘ Lelouch vi Britannia is the 11th prince of the Holy British Empire. Sent to Japan as political emissaries, Lelouch and his sister, Nunnally, live in hiding due to the Japanese people’s hatred for the Empire’s unjust treatment.

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Lelouch believes his father is responsible for his mother’s murder and sets out to avenge her. He also wants to look nothing like his father. Likewise, Butcher owes his violent traits to his father, whom he hates. He strives to be as different from his father as possible.

1 Eren is obsessed with freedom (Attack On Titan)

Once Eren Jaeger discovers the truth behind Paradis Island, Eren becomes obsessed with avenging his people and freeing them from the shackles of politics and war. Eren wants to end the suffering of his people for good.

He acts selfishly on his own and disregards the emotions and situations of others. Much like Butcher, Eren also has an unsatisfying relationship with his father, for which he is partly responsible.

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