10 Best Memes That Perfectly Summarize Daredevil As A Character


In a surprising turn of events, Marvel Studios announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 that the series Daredevil: Born Again will be part of Phase 5. Reprised by Charlie Cox, The Man Without Fear is already a busy character in the multiverse saga, with his first MCU appearance in Spider-Man: No Coming Home and appearing soon in She-Hulk and Echo.

As a lawyer by day and a vigilante by night, Matt Murdock has become one of the most complex characters who have fought for justice across two different spectra. Yet he always maintained his morality and religious values ​​in the matter. But his virtue is constantly tested by villains like Wilson Fisk, so fans haven’t missed the chance to illustrate Matt’s adventure as Daredevil in some fun memes.


Matt is back!

Matt Murdock may not be the most trusted character, but fans are hoping he saves the MCU. Marvel fans have recently expressed confusion over the current trajectory of the MCU. So the Comic Con announcement provided some much-needed clarity on what the future looks like.

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Matt is supposed to appear in She-Hulk: Lawyer and made a brief appearance in Spiderman: No Coming Home, but the link between these events and his involvement remains unclear. Either way, fans can expect a lot more from Matt Murdock in the future, so he’s on his way to the MCU for sure.

Daredevil fighting enemies in hallway scenes

Daredevil is known for many things, especially his fighting skills. After being blindsided as a young boy, Matt trained to deal with the sudden change in his life and learned hand-to-hand combat with Stick.

The the original series featured amazing fight scenes, especially ones where Matt was cornered or cornered in a hallway against his enemies. It became a running joke between fans, where every few episodes there seemed to be a new hallway where Matt was stuck surrounded by enemies, but managed to outrun his enemies one by one. Of course, hallway scenes have become an iconic hallmark of the Netflix original series, and this announcement could only mean more hallway scenes.

Wilson Fisk’s Enemy

Wilson Fisk can be many things, but it took him a while to put two and two together and make the connection between Matt Murdock and Daredevil. Frank Castle apparently made the connection faster than Fisk.

Using a hilarious twist on the Wanda Vision same, it shows how Fisk must have felt when he realized it was the same person who was ruining his life both in court and on the streets. Matt was a busy man, fighting Fisk at night and in the courtroom. It was Matt Murdock all along.

Matt is a good lawyer

Matt Murdock’s appearance in Spiderman: No Coming Home was even more important to some fans than the return of Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire. His brief appearance made perfect sense for his character, as he acted as legal counsel for Peter Parker and resided in New York.

However, he nearly gives up his identity when he catches a thrown brick through Parker’s apartment window. Given that Matt Murdock’s character outside of his vigilante nights is a blind lawyer, his ability to grab a brick mid-run confused Peter Parker. Matt tried to play along, saying he was just a good lawyer, but only time will tell. fellow street hero Peter Parker believed it or not.

Her great audition

After losing his sight, Matt’s other senses were heightened, including his hearing. This meant that he could often hear other people’s heartbeats or even conversations going on in the streets.

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His super hearing most likely had some nasty side effects, but a funny one, as this meme points out, is that he can hear funny conversations and jokes from blocks away. It conjures up the funny mental image of Matt laughing to himself at a joke he heard on the street and having to explain to people why he’s laughing.

Matt versus Frank

daredevil Season 2 saw plenty of introductions and new characters, perhaps none as big as Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. Most of the season revolved around Frank’s sudden appearance and the havoc he wreaked on both Hell’s Kitchen and Matt’s life.

Several scenes between Matt and Frank saw the two fighting or trying to get away from each other. Fans commented on how fun it was, considering Matt spent most of this season chasing Frank and trying to stop him from killing someone else.

Matt’s Friends

One of the largest sub-plots in daredevil is Karen and Foggy’s friendship with Matt and how they all struggle with Matt’s second identity. There were several painful scenes where the three threw vicious words at each other in moments of anger.

Season 3 saw Matt struggle with his friendships and his disappointment with some of the decisions they made. For a time, Matt’s frustration grew as he swore he didn’t need friends or people in his life who let him down, which saw many fans draw similarities between this format. popular meme and actions of Matt Murdock.

The Good Catholic

Many of Matt’s struggles and stories are based on his Catholic upbringing and life in the church. This story shapes his decision-making, but he also deals with this conflict between what is morally right and what is Catholic.

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It must also be infuriating for his enemies, especially Fisk, who can’t understand that Daredevil always sees the good in them. Matt often has high morals in most of his fights – especially against Fisk – but his ability to forgive is one of his best traits, according to fans.

Matt killed Daredevil

After several near-death experiences and brutal beatings, Matt says he’s leaving Daredevil behind and not returning to his vigilante days. He swears to his friends that he will not endanger them again if his identity is revealed and made public.

It obviously doesn’t last long, but fans had fun making memes about Daredevil’s supposed “death” at the hands of Matt Murdock. This popular meme from Glow made both Marvel and DC fans laugh.

Listening to his city

As mentioned earlier, Matt has super hearing. There are several shots in the series – especially the first season – where fans see Matt sitting on top of an apartment or fire escape listening to the city and its sounds.

Some fans find it amusing since Matt spends his free time listening to Hell’s Kitchen. There are obvious reasons he does this, like listening to crime or people in need, but it makes for fun memes to imagine Matt spending all his time sitting in silence listening to New York.

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