10 books banned all over the world


Charlie Decker is pulled out of his algebra class to talk to the school principal and discuss his recent physical attack on a teacher. With the conversation not coming to a fruitful conclusion, Decker reaches for a gun he kept in his school locker and enters his classroom to terrorize (and murder) his teacher and classmates.

Oscillating between memories of the past and present, the story ultimately unravels how Charlie was brought to his grizzly decision to commit a school shooting.

Status of the book in Malaysia: Not prohibited.

Where it is prohibited: United States (sort of).

While the story itself was King’s first attempt to use a pseudonym to publish his works (due to his impeccable talent for churning out books faster than they could be published), what was to follow was a real nightmare.

Loosely resembling its main plot, several school shooters were inspired by the Rage commit mass shootings in the United States. However, one of the most disturbing was the 1996 college shooting in Washington, where Barry Loukaitis shot his algebra teacher in front of the whole class and proceeded to quote a line from the book.

Not hard to believe, Stephen King decided to let the book run out, responding to criticism that his book inspired those brutal shootings in a 2013 essay titled “Guns.”

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