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A road trip is one of the most rewarding and therapeutic activities for mind relaxation. Whether planned to be taken with the whole family or impromptu, vacations on the road take the pressure off life’s hassles. Tourists have the chance to explore different cultures, try new dishes, and enjoy stunning views of natural physical features. New York City to Boston offers travelers a golden opportunity to create epic memories to last a lifetime. From museums, historic parks and national parks to beaches and water parks, below are 10 wonderful stops on a road trip from New York to Boston.

ten St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Located in Midtown Manhattan, the historic Catholic Cathedral is a must-see on the way to Boston. History buffs must visit this place to learn about the historic well on the site which was used to convert people to Christians through baptism 1500 years ago. Additionally, travelers witness the grave of Jonathan Swift, the famous author of Gulliver’s Travels, who was once the Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. What else? Itinerant Christians have the chance to reconnect with their traditions and experience the presence of God.

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9 mystical aquarium

Located in Mystic, Connecticut, the Mystic Aquarium is home to a thousand creatures, including beluga whales, rescued seals, African penguins, colorful fish, sharks, and exotic reptiles. All this explains why this aquarium is a must visit.

A stop at this destination allows tourists to explore one of two facilities in the United States holding Stellar Sea Lions. Visitors enjoy stunning views of prehistoric creatures such as Stegosaurus and Triceratops kept at the facility. In addition, travelers are treated to a cinematic adventure where short films with special effects are shown. Marine scientists and students can learn about marine mammal conservation through various educational programs offered at the facility.

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8 The Sea Aquarium

Whether it’s a family, romantic or solo road trip, the Maritime Aquarium is the ultimate stop for a marine life tour. The facility features a variety of marine populations, including large and small sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, harbor seals, game fish, crabs, lobsters, and jellyfish. Moreover, tourists are treated to various funny animals such as meerkats and tamarins. Marine life students and scientists are offered a good platform for sustainable research on marine life conservation. One of the best experiences is that Maritime offers visitors personal animal interactions by touching jellyfish, sharks, and other intertidal animals.

seven Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamship Company

The Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Company is a fun stop for boat enthusiasts traveling to Boston by road. Travelers learn about the company’s history and its exceptional customer service for more than 132 years. They also listen to tales of how the boats have evolved since the company’s operations began. Plus, they enjoy the tranquil view of the waters and rejuvenate their spirit before hitting the road.

6 Hammonasset Beach State Park

Shoreline Park is one of the best stops for beach lovers en route to Boston. The park offers travelers a range of activities to relax their mind and body, including picnicking, hiking, swimming, scuba diving, saltwater fishing, and boating. History buffs are treated to tales of Eastern Woodland Indians who farmed along the Hammonasset River. Nature-loving tourists can decide to camp overnight at one of the grassy campsites.

5 Sturbridge Old Village

Old Sturbridge Village is a must-stop for travelers where the lifestyle of the 1800s unfolds before their eyes. Stories from the past are brought to life through live demonstrations and exhibits. The museum’s research library offers travelers a rich history of New England. History students benefit from the stop as it provides them with a visual framework with ample resources to support their learning. What else? The location has many epic spots for great old photographs.

4 Newport Rhode Island

An 80 mile drive from Mystic, Connecticut leads to Newport, Rhode Island, a historic New England seaside town not to be missed on a Boston road trip. History buffs get first-hand experience of one of the critical centers of the slave trade and learn about the history of sailing before the famous American Revolution. Additionally, tourists can explore the mansions on the Ocean Boardwalk built by the American elite in the 18th century. Before embarking on the journey, tourists can stroll along the Cliff Walk and discover the fantastic Beechwood, Marble House and Rosecliff.

The Yale University Museum of Art is a must visit for artists. Art lovers will enjoy ancient and contemporary art free of charge from Tuesday to Sunday. The gallery features African art, American decorative arts, paintings, sculptures, ancient art, Asian art, photography, prints and drawings, among others. By stopping at the university’s art gallery, art lovers can connect old works of art with the current generation. Additionally, they can understand the role of artists in society through their work.

2 United States Military Academy, West Point

A stop at the US Military Academy at West Point rewards travelers with first-hand experience of American heritage. This national landmark is used as a training point for the US military. Tourists learn about the facility’s fantastical stories, such as the mentorship of former US Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ulysses S. Grant. Additionally, travelers can also visit the West Point Museum and see the spectacular military equipment. They can also visit West Point Cemetery and connect with American heroes if time permits.

1 Plimoth Plantation

Plimoth Plantation is a must stop on the way to Boston as it offers travelers an incredible journey through history. The Living History Museum exhibits the original settlement of Plymouth Colony. Travelers can learn about colonial settlement in the 17th century by English colonialists who later became pilgrims. Additionally, travelers can stroll along the waterfront and see the famous Plymouth Rock and Pilgrim Cemetery.

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