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READY TO PLAY, HELP CDI – Football players involved in the 10th Annual Together We Care Football Benefit Oct. 8 at Harding Stadium to help the Cancer Diet Initiative include the daughters of Catholic Central, Megan Brown, Jillian Bucci, Theresa Kerker, Maria Meyer, Elen Rhode and Ellie Rice; Indian Creek daughters Maddie Ballato, Rebecca Blackburn, Haylee Booher, Amelia Ferroni, Abby Starkey and Lucy Zadanski; the Indian Creek boys, Paulo Amis, Trevor Francis, Elijah Llewellyn, Foster Maiorano, Jacob Smearman and D’Angelo Suriano; the boys from Harrison Central, Jace Madzia, Taylor Cope, Kaden Jurosko and Cameron Dulkoski; daughters Steubenville Big Red, Raegan Hayes, Jules King, Sydney Matyas, Hailey Neeley Melia Newburn, Sophia Riley, Jaleyss Scales, Adelaide Shaw, Pagie Toothman and Marleny Torres; and the Steubenville Big Red boys, JP Walsh and Anthony Venditti. — Contributed

STEUBENVILLE — It’s eight teams and five schools but one goal when soccer players face off next weekend in an effort to help area cancer patients in need.

On October 8, October 8, the 10th edition of the Together We Care football program will involve the boys’ and girls’ football teams from Catholic Central, Indian Creek and Steubenville High Schools, as well as the girls’ football team from Edison and Harrison’s boys’ football team who will meet to play four games at Harding Stadium.

Doors open at 9 a.m. at Harding Stadium with the game schedule as follows:

– 10:00 a.m. – Girls Central vs. Edison;

– Noon – Indian Creek vs. Harrison Boys;

SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS – Awaiting participation in the 10th Annual Together We Care Football Benefit on October 8 at Harding Stadium, Steubenville, for the Cancer Dietary Initiative are senior football players, from left, Edison’s daughters Kaydence Habbit and Nadia Lysle and Catholic Central High School students Thomas Kazelberger, Ben Urbanczyk, Leon Zaleski, Joe Stetson and Michael Duff. — Contributed

– 2 p.m. – Big Red vs. Catholic Central Boys; and

– 4 p.m. – Big Red vs. Indian Creek Girls.

Over the past nine years, the Together We Care event has raised more than $185,000 to help people with cancer, a spokesperson said, noting that area businesses have played a vital role in the success of this event. All prizes and sponsorships have been donated to support this event.

There will be several giveaways, including a 31-prize lottery, a getaway to Sanibel Island, Florida, a Chinese auction, school basket designs and more.

All proceeds from the Together We Care event will be donated to the Cancer Dietary Initiative, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to meet the nutritional needs of cancer patients and their immediate families during that they experience the difficulties of diagnosing and treating cancer. , explained a spokesperson for the event.

Donations are CDI’s main source of income, and food is purchased locally at the lowest possible price thanks to the generosity of local food suppliers in the tri-state area. CDI operates from First Westminster Church, located at 235 N. Fourth St., Steubenville. Every month, food is distributed to more than 100 patients in the region.

Sponsorship levels include World Cup, $500; European Championship, $250 to $499; Champions League, $100 to $249; and Premier League, up to $99.

All sponsors are recognized on the Facebook page and electronic dashboard.

Checks should be made payable to Cancer Dietary with “Together We Care” in the memo line and can be mailed to: CDI c/o Chris Hyland, 86532 North Bay Road, Scio, OH 43988.

A group of parent volunteers forms the fundraising committee to organize this event each year and includes Gloria Llewellyn, President, Indian Creek; CDI’s Chris Hyland; Valley Hospice volunteer and employee Chris Orris; Elena Crisante, Cathy Zorne and Teresa Hicks, Big Red; Kimberly Warren, Edison; Laura Cope, Harrison; Martha Duff, Beth Metcalf and Sherri Descalzo, Catholic Central; and Marla Medley and Paula Ferroni, Indian Creek.

The event is a reason to revisit the history of CDI and the history of Together We Care.

“Medical oncologist Dr M Pervaiz Rahman from the Tony Teramana Cancer Center has noticed a persistent problem with patients losing weight and appearing more malnourished than expected with their cancer,” explained the spokesperson.

“He started asking questions and was shocked by the answers. Although hesitant, these patients admitted that they had to choose between eating, paying household bills or paying medical bills. The additional costs associated with their diagnosis mean that normally autonomous people can no longer stay out of the water.

“Dr. Rahman was inspired by a food drive project his son Haris was involved in at school, and together they decided to attempt a six-month food pantry pilot program to address unmet needs. of his patients.

Recruiting help from volunteers, he started the program modestly with 18 patients in 2013.

Today, it serves approximately 115 patients.

“The CDI operates solely through the generosity of donations, fundraising and grants from individuals, businesses, volunteers and local communities”, added the spokesperson.

The history of the football event dates back to a time when local schools held one-on-one cancer football benefits.

In 2013, Coach Jonathan Hoover was the boy’s soccer coach from Indian Creek and approached other local soccer coaches to offer a combined soccer cancer benefit to raise more money to fight the cancer. With the help of the local football community and parents of footballers – Melanie DiCarlo from Big Red, Mitzi Probert from Indian Creek, Amanda Harris from Edison and Ms. Bodo from Catholic Central – the football against cancer event was launched at Harding Stadium.

For updates on the event, visit the Facebook page – Together We Care.

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