15 baby names if you love Evelyn, but want something a little different


In 2020, Evelyn was the 9th most popular given name in the United States for baby girls. It’s lovely, but maybe you want a baby name like Evelyn that’s a little less popular. The last time Evelyn was almost this high was 100 years ago; in 1920 it came to number 12. By the turn of the century it was also a male name, and perhaps the most famous Evelyn is still the English writer Evelyn Waugh, born in 1903. The name has always been very much most popular as a girl’s name, and has not topped the top 1000 most common male first names since 1930.

The name Evelyn has a rich ancestry across different countries and religious traditions. It is a diminutive of Eve, a name of Hebrew origin meaning “alive”, “breath” or “mother of all mankind” (in the Jewish and Christian religions, Eve is the name of the first living woman. ) It also comes from the Germanic name Aveline, meaning both “strength” and “little bird” (the Latin word for bird is “avis”.) It also has roots in the French word “aveline” which means “hazelnut” “.

By mid-century, the name fell into the top 100 for girls, but its popularity has grown significantly since 2000 and has been in the top 10 four times in the past five years. It’s easy to see why: it’s a sleek and beautiful name that lends itself to many cute nicknames, like Evie or Lynn.

If you like the feel of the name but want a slightly different twist, one of these baby names may grab your attention.


Elyse (or Elise)

This cute name is an alternative to both Evelyn and the ever popular Elizabeth or Eliza. None of its spellings have made it to the top 100 names in the past 20 years. But the name very softly means “promise of God” or “oath to God” and has Hebrew origins.




This elegant name lends itself to all kinds of nicknames, from Evie to Lena. Like Elyse, Evangeline hasn’t been in the top 100 names for years, but remains in the top 500, which makes her unusual but not unheard of. It is fitting that such a dramatic and magnificent name should be the subject of an epic poem: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous epic poem “Evangeline” tells the story of a young girl driven from her homeland in a quest to find his lost love. The name has Greek origins and means ‘bearer of good news’.



The name Genevieve reached its greatest popularity in the United States in 2019, arriving at number 168. Like Evangeline, this name lends itself to all kinds of cute nicknames (“Gen”, “Ginny” and “Vivi”, for example) , but has a majestic elegance that will suit a little girl who wants to take on the world. In the Roman Catholic faith, Geneviève is a saint whose prayers saved Paris from a siege. A little Genevieve might also be delighted to find out that she shares a name with the beloved dog in the Madeline books. The name has been alternately translated from its French roots as “femme de la tribe” or “la race des femmes”.



Amaryllis is both a beautiful flower and a beautiful name, and fans of musical theater will instantly recognize it as belonging to the little girl of The man of music. It’s a more unusual choice, and hasn’t been in the top thousand for names since 2000; according to Baby Center, the name was the 2,448th most common in 2020. In Greek mythology, Amaryllis was a nymph who had an unrequited love for a shepherd; she sought her love by transforming her body into the dark red flower that bears her name. It comes from an ancient Greek word meaning ‘to sparkle’.


Vivian or Vivianna

The name Vivian comes from the Latin word meaning “life” or “alive” and has the same roots as the wonderful word “vivacious”. If you choose this name, your little one might never stop moving! The name barely made it out of the top 100 most popular names in 2020, arriving at number 101. (Vivianna is significantly more unusual, arriving at number 1182.) The name is popular in Italy and various Spanish-speaking countries.



If you’re looking for a name that ends in ‘lyn’, this beautiful name might do the trick. The name Jocelyn has several meanings, including “happy” and “playful”. Originally the name was a masculine name and most often belonged to a monk who was a literary patron of Scotland during the Middle Ages. Now the name is generally used for females and is shared by characters from both The walking dead and Schitt Creek. The name made it to the top 100 in the 2010s and early 2010s, but since then its popularity has fallen to around 200.



This name has a more modern feel than the name Evelyn but retains a similar sound. Everly also has a very funny meaning: the name is of English origin and means ‘boar in the glade of the woods’. (So ​​if you’re using that name, maybe it’s time to put away all the breakable things and start protecting babies right away!) The name gained popularity after 2013, when Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan used the name for their daughter. In recent years, it has featured in the top 40 to 50 names.


Léonore or Léonora

In recent years, the name “Eleanor” has become almost as popular as Evelyn, but nice variations of the name like Leonore or Leonora remain unusual and have not been in the top thousand names in the United States since the 1940s. name has origins in English, Greek and Italian, and means “light” or “compassion”. A little Léonore could also be called “Nora” or “Leo”.



Pronounced “Shi-von”, this elegant Irish name means “God is merciful”. The name Siobhan (and how to pronounce it) could become much more familiar to American parents in the years to come because of Siobhan Roy (nicknamed “Shiv”) on the TV show. Succession. In the United States, the name’s popularity peaked in the late 1980s, but it has yet to hit the top thousand.



This classic name has grown in popularity in recent years, but still isn’t among the top 50 most popular girl names. Little Ivy will find plenty of fun characters who share her name, from brave Ivy to Ivy + Bean Christmas classic heroine series Holly and Ivy’s Story.



Famous for the mischievous little girl who lives at the Plaza Hotel in Kay Thompson’s books of the 1950s, the name Eloise has climbed the charts every year since 2008 – in 2020, it was the 138th most popular name. A French name meaning “famous warrior,” Eloise is a classic name that lends itself to many cute nicknames, like “Ellie” and “Lulu” to begin with.



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A lovely alternative that combines the beauty of the names Emma and Evelyn, “Emmeline” has roots in the Latin language and means “peaceful home” (which all parents aspire to). But a little Emmeline will share her name with a woman who was ready to shake things up: Emmeline Pankhurst was a British activist who was instrumental in securing women’s suffrage in the UK and was jailed in several times in his quest to do so. . This cute name can also be spelled Emmalyn, Emmalynn, or Emmaline, among other spellings.


Esmira or Asmira

Spelled with an “E”, the name Esmira comes from the French word for “loved”; with an A, it comes from arabic and means “flower of the sky”. With either spelling, it’s a sweet and unusual choice for a precious little girl.


And your

Warning: Etta means “head of the house” (although that is probably what your newborn baby will be, whatever name you give him!). (The most famous Etta, Etta James, was born Jamsetta Hawkins.) This name just slipped into the top thousand of female given names in 2017, which means your little Etta would probably be the only one in her school.



Pronounced “EE-fa”, this magnificent name of Irish origin means “beautiful” or “radiant” and comes from the Gaelic word aoibh (beauty). Although it is among the top 20 most popular names in Ireland, it is still a very unusual name in the United States. It’s perfect for a family who want to honor their Irish heritage and won’t hesitate to teach others how to pronounce it.

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