15 movies like Midsommar that will surely scare you


Dani and Jack from “Midsommar” may have relationship issues, but they seem insignificant compared to Jack and Wendy’s marital conflicts in “The Shining”. Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror is also similar to “Midsommar” in that it presents a storyline in which offshoring to do work turns into descent into madness. Plus, both movies also have a guy named Jack, so … I’m resting.

In “The Shining,” the Jack in question is alcoholic writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), who is moving to a Colorado ski resort for the winter with his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and son Danny ( Danny Lloyd), where he is accepted a job as a winter guard in hopes of being able to write. Instead, Jack finds himself frolicking with ghosts, falling off the wagon, and threatening to kill his wife and son with an ax.

Like Dani and Jack’s relationship, Jack and Wendy’s marriage doesn’t end well, but in the end, it’s probably for the best. You might be wondering, “Okay, but is this scary?” ” He is! Not only is “The Shining” often cited as one of the best and scariest horror films ever made, the infamous scene involving room 237 has also been called one of the scariest scenes in the world. all the time.

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