15 words and phrases all Scottish dads say – how many do you recognize?


Whether they’re complaining about being a taxi service or trying some dodgy DIY, most dads have very similar traits.

And in Scotland, our dads have that special something that sets them apart.

So we’ve found 15 funny phrases Scottish dads say – and you’re sure to recognize every one of them.

Do you have a funny saying that your dad always gets away with? Let us know in the comments below.

And in Scotland, our dads have that special something that sets them apart.

  1. “Do you think I’m made of money?” – Every time you need to borrow a five.
  2. “How lucky!” – Sometimes said in conjunction with “Do you think I’m made of money?”
  3. “It’s like Blackpool Illuminations here” – When you turn on a light.
  4. “They couldn’t run a bath” – someone who is useless.
  5. “Do you think money grows on trees?” – something that all parents have said at one time or another to their demanding children.
  6. “I don’t need the instructions” – For DIY, no manual is needed at any time.
  7. “Where’s the rest of that skirt?” – When you have your spats on and he’s not happy.
  8. “I am not a taxi” – When you ask for a lift somewhere.
  9. “Cards are for wimps” – Dads don’t need maps, they just find their way.
  10. “Did your mom say it was okay?” – When you ask permission.
  11. “You made?” – When he mine sweeps up leftovers from everyone at the table
  12. “Is the Pope Catholic? – an acceptable alternative (for dads) to the simple answer “yes”.
  13. “When I was your age…” – usually heralds the start of a long, boring lecture about how he drove miles to school in all weathers / didn’t go on vacation / already had big responsibilities.
  14. “I still have it” – The father brags about everything he likes small success to
  15. “Go ask your mother” – when you ask him anything.

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