20 Movies That Celebrate Female Friendship To Add To Your Watchlist



“Tangerine” follows a day in the life of two black, transgender women, sex workers and best friends. We see what happens when one of them, Sin-Dee Rella (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez), is released from a month-long stint in prison and learns that her boyfriend and pimp is cheating on her with a cisgender woman. . To say the least, Sin-Dee is unhappy. She sets out, with the help of her friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor), to find him.

“Mandarin” was shot entirely on an iPhone by co-writer/director Sean Baker, which makes the film feel like we’re just watching real events unfold before us. The film is a visual marvel, as Baker and co-cinematographer Radium Cheung make the most of every frame with their use of light and framing.

All in all, “Tangerine” is a chaotic film that immerses viewers in its specific world without too much of an introduction, allowing us to find our place as the story progresses and we start to worry about Sin-Dee and Alexandra. The film creates an emotional equivalence between their most desperate endeavors (like getting paid by hustler John) and their personal goals (Alexandra has a show she’s constantly trying to get people to come to), which is truly unique and fun to watch.

And to top it off, “Tangerine” is a Christmas movie, since Sin-Dee’s release date is Christmas Eve. The film’s California setting makes it one of the sunniest Christmas films made. And Sin-Dee and Alexandra’s friendship, despite the chaos, also makes this a feel-good Christmas movie.

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