3 heartwarming customs of yesteryear to bring back to Christmas


We hope these suggestions will help you have a wonderful time with your family and friends!

Advent and Christmas bring so many memories and traditions that it can seem like the most nostalgic time of the year. From “down the halls” to Jolly Old St. Nicholas, there’s an old-fashioned song or story connected to just about everything we do on vacation!

Yet some of the sweeter traditions may have been abandoned over the years. This Christmas, let’s take these delicious customs back to the old days. They are guaranteed to create new warm and happy memories!

1Christmas songs

What happened to the real Christmas carols? We all know the concept of knocking on neighbors’ doors to sing a Christmas song. But how many of us have already done it? We would love to see this tradition return!

If you’re looking for ways to spread some holiday cheer this season, try Christmas carols in your neighborhood! As they say, “The best way to spread the joy of Christmas is to sing along so everyone can hear it.” (And here are some handy tips for Christmas carol etiquette.)

2Reading out loud

Reading a book aloud was a beloved evening pastime before television, and it’s still a fun way to spend time together. There is nothing like listening to a story read aloud to create family bonds and leave pleasant and lasting memories.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to read aloud, preferably snuggled up under blankets or near a roaring fire (snacks and hot chocolate optional!). We have a few suggestions for great Christmas picture books. Or honor Christmas Eve with a reading from “It Was The Night Before Christmas” or the First Christmas gospel story.

Reading aloud is an old-fashioned custom that we hope will become popular year round!

3Play games

No, we are not talking about video games. Instead, think without a screen. Board games and board games are so much fun at holiday gatherings! But the truth is, these aren’t just old-fashioned customs – they’re downright old!

You might be amazed how old custom board games are. The oldest artifacts considered to be game boards are between 6,000 and 10,000 years old. Color impressed us!

This means that playing games together is one of the most proven and trusted ways to have a great time with your friends and family.

This holiday season, bring your loved ones together for some good old fashioned games. Take out the board games (we love the Catholic card game) or try out a board game (it’s just a fancy way of saying a game you can play while sitting inside!).

Our favorite board games that all ages can enjoy are Charades and Empires (we call it “Family”). Both games are suitable for all ages – we recently played both with an age group between 3 and 83, and everyone had a blast!

Whether it is for singing songs, reading or playing, we have only one goal in recommending these old-fashioned customs to you, and that is to help you have a wonderful time with your family and friends.

We pray this holiday season will be filled with connection, laughter and joy for you and your loved ones!

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