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Natasha Fraser and Keegan Chandler tied the knot in a two-night extravaganza in April at Louisville, KY’s Omni Hotel. On April 16, the Mehndi celebration took place, a tradition of vibrant hues, punchy music and dances, and tasty traditional cuisine. The next day, they celebrated their Christian ceremony in a Catholic church followed by a lavish flowery reception. Let’s retrace this beautiful couple story that led to this visual weekend feast.

A fortuitous connection led these two pre-med college students to a strong friendship that ultimately turned into much, much more.

At the University of Kentucky, Natasha and Keegan both found themselves looking for a study partner for their genetics class. A mutual friend – by coincidence or fate – connected them. They became study buddies and close friends, but it wasn’t until four years later (in 2016) that their relationship translated into something bigger. At the time, Keegan was in dental school at the University of Louisville, and Natasha had moved to Louisville to start medical school.

Natasha Keegan Mehndi Louisville Omni

Mehndi is a Hindi and Urdu tradition that has been practiced in Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East for over 5,000 years.

In June 2019, Keegan brought Natasha back to the site of their first date: Iroquois Park. “He told me we were going to a family birthday party, but instead he took me up a hill in the park overlooking the city.” After a heartfelt proposal, Keegan lied again and surprised Natasha with a celebration at The Champagnery with her closest family and friends from across the country.

After a short engagement, Natasha and Keegan have legally married on June 13, 2020, in front of an intimate crowd of 10 with Natasha’s brother as officiant and only their immediate family were present. After a candlelight dinner at the Olde Stone Club House in the bride’s childhood neighborhood, the newlyweds and their families began making plans for the number two celebration.

Natasha Keegan Wedding Louisville Omni

Hundreds of people watched Natasha and Keegan exchange Catholic vows in the beautiful Church of St. Elizabeth in Hungary.

They decided to wait until April 2021 to get married in the Catholic Church and celebrate with their extended family and friends. “Postponing our initial marriage was stressful,” Natasha says, “but looking back we feel so lucky to have had both marriages. We are so thankful for getting married on our original date despite the pandemic and not changing a thing!

Natasha Keegan Mehndi Louisville Omni

This radiant bride wears two incredibly striking dresses throughout her wedding weekend.

The amazing wedding planner, Amos Gott, started by helping families identify their top priorities for the weekend, “which was basically making sure everyone had fun!” Natasha said. Amos set to work realizing every part of his vision… from stationery to decoration to every day of retail. “We could never have done it ourselves,” Natasha says.

Natasha Keegan Mehndi Louisville Omni

The Omni has turned into a colorful festival for the Mehndi celebration on Friday.

With a guest list approaching 400, they needed help and space out! “The size of our guest list played a big role in our venue,” says Natasha. “We also knew we wanted an indoor location because the Kentucky weather can be so unpredictable. The Omni is such a sleek and modern space in Louisville, so choosing it was easy!

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When it comes to the aesthetic of the decor for each party, Natasha’s mom and Amos have been thinking about it together. Fortunately, we were all on the same page about wanting a colorful celebration for the Mehndi and more of a neutral look for the reception. Having two celebrations really allowed us to play with different visions, ”adds Natasha.

Natasha Keegan Mehndi Louisville Omni

This dreamy living room setup was the perfect backdrop for the guests’ patterned and colorful outfits.

Natasha Keegan Wedding Louisville Omni

The same space, just 24 hours later, is infused with neutral tones and brushed brass details.

Natasha knew she loved Berta’s wedding dress designs before her shopping efforts and found the closest dealer to be Elite Pour La Vie in Alpharetta, GA. “When I tried on the dress, it didn’t compare to anything else I had tried on, but I wanted to be sure. I ended up going to several boutiques in Nashville and Atlanta, but eventually went back and bought the Berta dress that I loved so much.

Natasha Keegan Wedding Louisville Omni

Natasha’s mom, dad, aunt and cousin were all with her when she first tried on this dress. “They all immediately knew it was the right one,” she says.

Natasha Keegan Wedding Louisville Omni

The blush dresses for her best girls pair perfectly with the green and white floral theme.

For both ceremonies, they exchanged their traditional vows, and their priest actually had them memorize their vows for the Catholic ceremony! “He did this because he wanted us to really know what we were saying,” Natasha says. “It was meaningful but made us both super nervous because we don’t like public speaking – ha!”

Natasha Keegan Wedding Louisville Omni

A dapper group of groomsmen are with the groom before the Catholic ceremony.

Partygoers on both nights enjoyed the cocktail hours with open bar and butler’s appetizers. “Friday night we served Pakistani food such as samosas and pakoras. For Saturday night, we served up some of our favorite classics such as crab cakes, mini beef wellingtons and chicken thigh satay, ”Natasha shares.

Natasha Keegan Wedding Louisville Omni

The couple are happy to have opted for a first glimpse so that they can directly party with their guests after the ceremony.

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Natasha Keegan Mehndi Louisville Omni

On the first night of celebrations, colorful flowers, rich fabrics and mixed votives created the most intriguing table scenery in Mehndi.

Natasha Keegan Wedding Louisville Omni

The second evening, the table was set in a more classic way for the sit-down meal.

On Friday evening, guests enjoyed a buffet with live action stations where the cooks prepared fresh food. They made a mix of traditional Pakistani dishes like kebabs and chicken biryani in addition to Asian fusion foods like Korean buns and Hakka noodles. “It was honestly one of the best food I have ever had,” Natasha says. On Saturday evening, they opted for a sit-down meal of salad as a starter and a beef-halibut duo as a starter.

Natasha Keegan Wedding Louisville Omni

The cake featured three different flavors: Lemon-Raspberry, Chocolate-Peanut Butter, and Italian Cream Cake from Mert’s Bakery. Natasha says: “It was so fresh and delicious!”

The evening ended with welcomed burgers and fries which were distributed around the room as the dancing wrapped up. “We partied until 1 am, so we opted for a formal departure.” Also, the bride and groom stayed at the hotel, so a big departure didn’t really make sense.

Natasha Keegan Mehndi Louisville Omni

We would have liked to be able to attend this party!

After their first wedding in 2020, Natasha and Keegan flew to Lake Tahoe, “which was absolutely beautiful,” the bride recalls. For the second go-around, they chose an all-inclusive resort so they could relax and not have to plan much in advance. Excellence Resorts Playa Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico has proven to be the perfect place to unwind after a huge weekend.

Natasha Keegan Mehndi Louisville Omni

The bride with her mother by her side is a vision.

“One piece of advice I received and really appreciated was to pick your top three priorities for your wedding and put most of your energy into them,” Natasha said. “Not all aspects of a marriage can be perfect, and you will stress yourself out too much if you try to make it perfect. For us our top three were the music, the food, and making everyone have fun. For others, it could be pictures, decoration or stationery. Everyone has different priorities and this is what makes every wedding unique for you. When I look back on our marriage, I can confidently say that our three priorities were perfect for me. “

THANK YOU Natasha for reliving this special two day event with us! And thanks to Leslee Mitchell for the fantastic photos from both celebrations.


Ceremony: Church of Saint Elisabeth of Hungary
Reception: Hotel Omni
Planner: Amos Gott d’Amos Events
Coordinator of the day: Amos Gott
Photographer: Leslee Mitchell
Videography: Antonio Pantoja
Flowers: Amos Events
Stationery: Nashville Ink
Hair: Katie Eade of Cedar + Sage Hair Lounge in Bowling Green, KY
Make-up: Tia Mao
Wedding dress: Berta
Bridesmaid Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu
Groom and groomsman outfit: men’s clothing and tuxedos by Giorgio
Catering: Moghul Catering for Mehndi; The Omni for Reception
Cakes: Mert cakes
Entertainment: Bluewater Kings Band and DJ Aumir with Escape Entertainment
Locations: Amos Events
Glassware: L’Omni
Linen: Amos Events
Transport: Transport Xtreme


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