A Mind of Unprecedented Contradictions – By Richard Odusanya


Mihaly Robert Csikszentmihalyi, Hungarian-American, psychologist and author of the best-selling “Flow” Mihaly, thinks that very creative people are not like us. But he also doesn’t buy into the idea of ​​creative genius – highly creative people don’t have special minds, but they have more complicated personalities based on a series of opposing character traits. “Put simply,” explains David Corbett, a Canadian lawyer, “a contradiction is something about a person that piques our interest because they betray what we expect, given what we know or let us observe else about it.” Let me be clear; PitObi is a bundle of contradictions.

It takes a healthy ego to be successful. But a smart person understands the debt to others along the way. When it’s time to put on a show, this person looks big and responsible. But at the same time, they show an honest understanding that they cannot, and have not, done it alone. It adds depth and humanity, and can even produce a charismatic air. The million dollar question: Do politicians really have two faces? Or do they appeal to voters with dissenting opinions in another way? After all, finding that delicate balance of popularity is often crucial to ensuring electoral victory, especially when issues arise that not only divide parties, but divide parties themselves – in multiple, complex and contradictory dimensions. from the political, social, an economic environment like our current situation and circumstances in Nigeria.

Obviously, due to the division and volatility of our political space, I have tried to avoid issues that might be hostile to anyone’s aspirations, especially since I am not a perfect being… infallibility is unquestionable. Nevertheless, I have the responsibility to continue to question the issues and to enlighten our fellow citizens. As such, I would like to share with us information that is circulating on the contradictions of Peter Obi’, the Labor Party candidate. As the common language among OBIdients; “Go and check”, we definitely need to check. Below is a litany of questions of unprecedented contradiction that require thorough and unbiased verification:

“They say we should go check, here is the result of the check:

1. I went to Peter Obi and found no less than 10 armored cars, all government owned. I thought he said, he didn’t even get a Kobo from the government?

2. Under Obi, doctors in Anambra State went on strike for 13 months. They only canceled when it was clear he wasn’t going to listen to them. What kind of leader is he?

3. Under Obi, Anambra State went on strike for 6 months, twice. This is out of its 8 year term, the University has been on strike for 1 year. When other states agreed to pay ASUU the agreed amount, Obi refused. When the VC complained, Obi fired him and brought in the provost of the college of education. Even Buhari does not reach this one. Google is your friend. Check that.

It shows that when Obi becomes president he will not give ASUU shishi and schools will be on eternal strike. God forgives.

4. Peter Obi is a religious bigot who knows how to discriminate against Christians against Christians, how much more will he do to Muslims if he can marginalize his fellow Christians. How ? Obi donated 80% of all schools in Anambra State to the Catholic Church. He told the other churches to go to hell. 70% of Obi’s cabinet members were Catholic. To get a job in the Obi government, you must be a Catholic to stand a good chance. 90% of its personal staff were Catholic. Under Obi, he ensured that only Catholics emerged as president of the APGA until party members got angry and ousted him for making the APGA a Catholic party.

Before Obi became governor, Anambra was one. But Obi brought religion into Anambra politics. That’s what he tries to do by visiting churches.

5. Under Obi, SARS killed hundreds of young people and threw them into a river. The Butcher of SARS CSP Nwafor was his right arm. Go ask Ndi Anambra.

6. Obi used his government position to further his private business interests. He invested government money in a business in which his family had a stake. As former president of Fidelity, he ensured that every entrepreneur opened a bank account in Fidelity bank, all civil servants were obliged to open an account in Fidelity bank, all secondary schools were obliged to open an account with Fidelity Bank. Obi used his governorship to market and expand his bank Fidelity to the detriment of other banks. It is criminal.

7. There is no running water in Obi village. I went there two days ago to check.

8. Poverty did not decrease when Obi was governor. All the lies that Obi claims, there is no HDI recording to back it up.

9. Obi hasn’t built a single school or hospital in 8 years. Not one. Those he claimed to have donated all belonged to the church.

10. For 8 years, Obi did not organize local elections. He ruled Anambra without local government chairmen. Remember that the federal government pays a monthly stipend to the local government. There are 21 local governments in Anambra. By not proceeding to local elections, Obi pocketed all the allowances that the federal government gave to local government for a good 8 years. Haha! Maybe the so-called money that Obi claims to have saved is the balance of local government money that he cut for 8 years. He must realize it.

11. By the way, who in their right mind saves money when hunger and poverty plague their people?

12. Obi did not build infrastructure. The standard of infrastructure in the southeast is former Governor Sullivan of Enugu State and Governor Umahi of Ebonyi. They are the two best governors in the Southeast in terms of infrastructure.

13. All the good roads Obi claims to have built were built by his predecessor, Chris Ngige. Until today, the people of Anambra still talk about “Ngige Roads”. As for Obi, those he built, water from a transport, I go where no one knows.

14. Obi destroyed the market for northerners living in Anambra and on several occasions was filmed telling northerners that they are second-class citizens and should return to Kano.

15. They say he will take us from consumption to production but Obi is one of the people who got us into this consumption problem. He is an importer of goods whose substitutes are produced in Nigeria. As a serial importer, which produces nothing. He is one of those who killed the Nigerian economy.

16. Obi was mentioned in the Pandora Papers. This is an international criminal list. He hasn’t cleared his name yet.

17. Since the problem of unknown gunmen began in the Southeast, Obi has done nothing personally to promote peace in his own hometown. You don’t have to be in power to be able to help solve a problem. It shows you that Obi doesn’t really care about people. He just wants the power. In fact, Obi is sympathetic to the IPOB terrorists and has never condemned their terrorist activities a single day.

18. Obi claims to have brought Anambra State to the top tier of WAEC from a very poor position.

Well, I went to check and found out that it was under Ngige, the Governor before Obi, that Anambra first did WAEC. It was after Ngige’s departure that the state fell drastically under Obi and was only able to recover during his final years in power.

19. Recently Obi was asked what he knows about climate change and the olodo didn’t know what a high school student knows. At a time when climate change is one of the most talked about issues in the world, a presidential candidate from the largest black nation said he knows nothing about climate change? Tueeeeeeeh!

20. During his year in office. Obi has not raised the salaries of government employees in the state not once. It was Obiano who increased his salary by 15% when he took over.

21. Obi did not improve Anambra State’s IGR better than Ngige before him and Obiano after him. He claims to be a creator of wealth, how is it that he could not do better in terms of increasing IGR than his predecessor and successor even though he was governor during an economic boom? Under Obi, Anambra earned no more than 400 million per month. When Obiano arrived, in a short time he increased it to 1.4 billion. It’s over 300 percent. Google is your friend. Check.

22. One of the reasons Obiano got in trouble with Obi is that when Obiano became governor he discovered that Obi had racked up a mysterious N7 billion expense on the head of state government. ‘Anambra. When he challenged Obi to account for these expenses, the man started a fight. Use Google to verify.

When I look at all these things, I shake my head in disappointment. I even used to rate Obi small but now my opinion has changed. I went to check and my conclusion is that Obi is a scam.

In light of the above, I would like to emphasize that these are perilous times, we need to be more circumspect and allow sound judgment and reasoning to take precedence over all other considerations. It’s about our unity, our commitment to unity and our ‘Nigerianness’ – it’s not about ethnicity or religion. As we say in the local jargon “Shining the eyes”

In conclusion, let me use the words of Criss Jami (born Christopher James Gilbert), American poet, philosopher and essayist. Criss said: “Together we form a necessary paradox; not a senseless contradiction. Finally, let me say that we all have a duty and a responsibility to our beloved country, Nigeria, and especially to our fellow nationals and foreigners. We must honestly interview leading candidates from all major political parties without feeling or emotion.


Richard Odusanya is a social reform crusader and the organizer of the AFRICA COVENANT RESCUE INITIATIVE ACRI

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