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With love explores themes with family, love and understanding with a focus on a single family and its paths to find love. Each romantic relationship within the family is explored through a different stage of romance, from the first blush of a new love to the end of a long-term partnership. Each character, from the confident Lily Diaz to the good-natured Nick Zhao, has their own unique arc to explore, presenting viewers with opposing points of view.

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Every character in the Diaz family and those in their orbit have something audiences love about them. Due to broadcast constraints and character screen time, some characters in With love turn out to be more sympathetic than the others.

9 Henri

In the series, Henry (Vincent Rodriguez III) is introduced as Jorge Diaz Jr.’s boyfriend. The character comes across as a talkative but well-articulated young man. However, he doesn’t get much screen time to provide viewers with a family story or intro.

Because of this, audiences only see a very one-dimensional view of Henry: caring about those they love and being willing to compromise. Due to the lack of screen time to further develop his character, however, there isn’t enough to know if there is more below to make him really interesting or likable to audiences.

8 Jorge Diaz Sr.

The Diaz family celebrates in With Love.

Benito Martinez has had many film and television roles that have varied in character traits and development, and this role is nothing new.

Jorge Diaz Sr. is an unconscious man. Sometimes he is seen as an understanding and hardworking father. At other times, he is portrayed as an inattentive husband who has lost focus in his marriage to Beatriz. Her lack of communication regarding her marriage and intimacy issues makes it difficult for viewers to understand her character.


seven Beatriz Diaz

With love - constance marie & benito martinez

Beatriz Diaz (Constance Marie) is the mother of Jorge and Lily Diaz, and the wife of Jorge Diaz Sr. She is a bit of a lonely character and a laconic woman, which makes her a neglected character even with her and her. Jorge’s story being a prominent element in the series.

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Although Beatriz is a loving and open mother, she lacks the fierceness and the ability to communicate when it comes to her marriage to Jorge. This leads to the marital issues they face due to emotional intimacy with a running mate (played by Brandon Roth) and his inability to talk about his unhappiness.

6 Dr Miles Murphy

With love - with love - todd grinnell & isis king

Dr. Miles Murphy (Todd Grinnell), although another character with a little story, is slightly more likable, as his cheesy humor and open-mindedness account for the short time viewers see him onscreen.

Miles is Sol Perez’s love interest, making his interest in her known from the get-go. He faces situations without mince words and says what he thinks. For example, when Sol’s grandparents ask him if he is Catholic and he states that he cannot adhere to any religion that does not accept his non-binary child. Despite this, his lack of appearance in the series makes it difficult to read his character well.

5 Sol Perez

With love the character, Sol Perez (Isis King), is the cousin of the Diaz siblings and a trans-non-binary doctor in the series. They might be a little cautious when it comes to love, but overall they are tender and warm.

While Sol comes across as aloof in some situations, their caring nature towards those in need is magnificent. They try to understand others and to listen not only to their loved ones but also to strangers. Like their name, they try to be the bright spot in everyone’s life.

4 Santiago zayas

While he’s not perfect and a little pessimistic when it comes to love, Santiago Zayas (Rome Flynn) has some great quotes and his relationship with Lily Diaz is beautiful to watch.

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A guy who loves to read, is good with his hands and isn’t afraid to express himself, it’s hard not to fall in love with Santiago. His caution in matters of love and marriage stems from his parents’ divorce, however, he is willing to try it out with Lily Diaz and expresses it in the show’s final episode. He is a very important part of the series with his take on love. Although he finds it difficult to open his heart, he is ready to try love.

3 Lily diaz

With Love - Emeraude Toubia & Desmond Chiam

The fans are in the game with the character of Lily Diaz (Emeraude Toubia). She is impulsive, stubborn and sometimes oblivious to those around her. Even so, it’s hard not to love her with her optimism about true love and the perfect relationship. She struggles to find a relationship that resembles her parents’ love, not fully understanding that they have their own issues.

Although her naivety plunges her into crazy situations, she chooses to be optimistic about it.

2 Jorge Diaz Jr.

Jorge takes a photo on With Love.

Jorge Diaz Jr. (Mark Indelicato) is the fabulous other half of the Diaz siblings. It will be difficult for fans not to like the outspoken and caring character. Jorge loves his family and tries to be there for each of them, especially his sister Lily.

This shows during the Valentine’s Day episode when Jorge changes his plans with Henry to try to be there for Lily to make sure she is okay. The best brother in the world goes to this character.

1 Nick zhao

Nick Zhao talks about With Love.

From the outside, viewers might see Jorge’s roommate and best friend Nick Zhao (Desmond Chiam) as a feminist playboy, however, he’s much more than that. Nick is an extended member of the Diaz family and he takes this role seriously. He can seem arrogant at times, but he tries to help with his “did you know?” Cheesy and humorous. made to alleviate embarrassing situations. His reputation as a playboy hides the fact that he is sensitive and thoughtful when it comes to love.

Nick always has a joke ready and some great advice for his friends. Although his character plays a small lead role, the show wouldn’t have been too enjoyable without him.

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