Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire Teases The Witches Of Mayfair



Interview with the Vampire is the first of Anne Rice’s iconic stories in AMC’s Immortal Universe, and its first episode teases another program joining the canon, The Witches of Mayfair. The show is not a direct remake of the source material or the 1994 film. Instead, Louis makes another contact with journalist Daniel Malloy for a second interview – a better interview.

With the first installation of The Witches of Mayfair Premiering in January, AMC seems eager to establish its expanded Gothic universe. Unsurprisingly, a dedicated network already renewed Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire for a second season. If what’s revealed in the first episode and trailer holds up, fans shouldn’t be surprised when The Witches of Mayfair also gets a multi-season run.

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Vampires aren’t the only ones hanging out in New Orleans

The Bloody Adaptation of Anne Rice’s Rival Novels true blood as a sexy and dangerous vampire program in place. The story justifies his changes by calling Malloy’s first interview a drug fever dream. This was unnecessary since adaptations are meant to adapt rather than duplicate, but the decision created timing differences for Louis and Lestat. The most important aspect of this change is to adapt the Mayfair witches story and storyline so that they can exist simultaneously in the same universe. Likewise, the New Orleans-based Mayfair Witches are bound to make changes to appease AMC’s Expanded Universe timeline.

Finally aligned in the same time, place and universe, by Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire has opportunities to reference other properties in the immortal universe. Before discovering the vampiric nature of Lestat, Louis tries to integrate him into his social group. Before Louis meets the vampire Lestat, the audience gets a glimpse of his family life during a family breakfast. The meal is accompanied by a lively discussion regarding Louis’ sister’s marriage and her decision to participate in the ancient wedding tradition of jumping the broom. Louis’ passionate Catholic brother expresses his displeasure with his decision and suggests that he collect his broom from the Mayfair sisters, thus connecting their world to the upcoming spooky series.

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AMC sows the seeds of its immortal universe

The most likely reason by Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire referenced the Mayfair Witches so early is to establish just how interconnected the Expanded Universe will be. While other episodes of by Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire out, the impact of Lestat and Louis’ actions can ripple through New Orleans and impact the lives of the Mayfair Clan. After all, Paul said the Mayfair house was just down the street from the Pointe mansion. The impact of this closeness can manifest itself in minor easter eggs in every stream. But it’s possible the universe will have more Marvel and DC-style crossovers as it moves forward. Hopefully the showrunners will treat the crossovers with caution to avoid making their shows confusing and convoluted.

AMC has big shoes to fill after the untimely death of Anne Rice in 2021. It’s nice to see it take that responsibility seriously with the first series. Of course, it helps that her son Christopher Rice remains on the executive producing team and can help steer each drama to Anne Rice’s intent. As it stands, the first episode of by Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire set up an intriguing plot that subverts the source material while paying fitting homage. Undoubtedly, The Witches of Mayfair will follow in the new year.

New episodes of Anne Rice’s interview with the vampire debut Sunday on AMC+.

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