Are pets lucky in 2022, the year of the water tiger?



I am not Chinese and I am not an expert in Feng Shui but I have some Chinese friends and I have heard and read some of their beliefs. According to the Chinese calendar and horoscope, 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger.

Usually, for someone like me, when people ask me what I think about tigers, I say I love them! It’s because I love cats. To me, tigers are like cats but really big. But for the others, they might say, they are afraid of them because they are big and wild, ferocious, and they eat other animals. I can’t blame them because it’s true. Tigers are predators. Smaller and more docile animals like rabbits, goats, dogs or even cows are prey for them. But, of course, when we talk about the Chinese calendar, we are really talking about astrology. But in order for people (in general) to understand it better, these are about traits and characteristics that are associated with certain animals. At least that’s how I understand it.

Mags (white) and Burton are well cared for as their human guardians have chosen to be good humans who give them the best, including regular walks.

When we look at the Chinese horoscope readings, we hear the words “lucky and unhappy”, “compatible and not compatible” etc. Growing up in a Catholic family, I don’t believe in “luck”. Although you will hear me say the words “ang swerte” (lucky) or “ang malas” (unlucky) sometimes because I got used to using those words as a phrase. These are just expressions for me and nothing more.

What I believe in is that “we reap what we sow”. Which means if you do your life well, the good will come back to you eventually. It might not be right away, but in the end it will. You just need to be determined, patient, kind, and loyal to yourself and to others to work your way to achieving your dreams throughout this life.

I’m not saying it will automatically be a snap if you do. On the contrary, to do what is right and what is right in a society where so many evil temptations are unfolding to make you lose the way on the right path is a difficult and far-reaching struggle.

With our pets, in particular, some people are easily or subconsciously drawn into a situation where they tend to treat their pets the way they treat a certain property of their own or something they own. And all for personal comfort and enjoyment, whether the animal is comfortable or not. And when it comes to them, they would try to blame him on something else and not on their own actions.

Domestic animals and the water tiger (Sketch by Yumi Burgos)

Take, for example, people who put their pets on very short leashes or in very small cages all their lives. If you put yourself in these animals’ shoes, how would you feel? Would you say they were “unlucky”? These animals weren’t unlucky, but rather the humans who took them as pets and put them in this situation are cruel and obviously uneducated.

Another example of stupid pet owners making their pets’ lives’ bad ‘for them is people who are not aware enough about their pet’s diet. We all know that not all human food is good for our pets. This is because our digestive system is very different from them. It makes sense to think that we need to be careful what we feed our pets. Not all we eat, they can eat too. So if it happens that your pet gets sick from what they have eaten, please don’t blame luck. Blame yourself for not paying attention to what you fed them.

Another example of pet neglect (and this is my personal opinion) are those who enjoy raising animals for sale. They treat these animals like they treat a product, a thing, and not like a living being. For me, it’s a bit like prostitution or human trafficking or the sale of babies or children. These animals are not “unlucky”. The people who do this are stupid, careless, and greedy.

Cole’s luck changed when he was saved from a life alongside the EDSA in Cubao, Quezon City. Although loved by a sidewalk vendor, Cole needed a clean environment and proper medical treatment to deal with his issues with the sebaceous gland and demodicosis. Save Animals of Love and Light (Save ALL Inc.) stepped in and brought him to the clinic. It took two years for her sebaceous gland problems to be completely treated.

So you see, it’s not about our pets having good luck or bad luck during the year of the Water Tiger. It’s more about how to educate others on how to be truly human / human to animals and not to be inferior to animals to animals. Because this is how we are when we are reckless and neglectful of them – we are inferior to them. That’s why sometimes you hear some say, they love animals more than humans. Or, you would hear them say, animals are more human than humans. I think this is one of the important resolutions one can make in this New Year – would you really be human and humane to all of creation, or would you rather be lower than the lowest of animals? The choice is yours.

About the Author: Mariana Burgos is a freelance artist. She has been a single mother for 14 years now because she is the wife of a desaparacido. She and her daughter love animals and actively defend not only human rights, but also animal rights.

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