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Desmond Bane does not cope well with slights. He remembers them; bury them deep until he can claim revenge. A 6ft 5in Danny McGrath with elephant memory and a smooth rider.

Take Josh Green. He didn’t do anything wrong but was picked before Bane in the 2020 draft.

Green went 18th to the Mavericks. Bane thought it should have been him. He wanted to go to Dallas, which is not far from Fort Worth, where he attended TCU school. They were similar perspectives; both wings, both in the 3-and-D mold. Green was picked, while Bane had to wait for 12 more picks.

“I have nothing against him,” Bane said.

But that doesn’t mean Bane won’t embarrass him, use him like a pigeon for his own ascendancy. Bane has become one of the stars of his draft class, a handyman wing who has played a big part in the burgeoning Memphis Grizzlies. Green is just trying to keep a point of rotation.

Still, Bane remains outraged. When he scored 29 in a victory in Dallas last month, he touched it.

I don’t know if he played tonight, he said sheepishly afterwards. Green was a DNP. Bane probably knew that.

It wasn’t Green’s fault that Bane had fallen on draft night. But forgiving can mean letting go. It could mean mellow out just a little.

“I will never let go,” he told The Athletic. “I feel like the teams had their chance to have me and knew who I was. It wasn’t like I was one of those unique guys. You had four years to do your research on me. All of my background stuff has been checked.

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