ASIA/MALAYSIA – Church’s spiritual and material support for war-torn Ukraine



ASIA/MALAYSIA – Church’s spiritual and material support for war-torn Ukraine

Kuala Lumpur (Agency Fid sisters who suffer in Europe. “Together we stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and pray for peace”, said Msgr. Bernard Paul, Bishop of Melaka-Johor, President of Caritas Malaysia, inviting all Malaysians, Catholics and non-Catholics, to “support Ukraine, where millions of people have fled and are displaced, where there are wounded, dead and missing, including children”.
Encouraged by the Bishops, the Malaysian faithful of all the dioceses will join in the great prayer of consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Virgin Mary, announced by Pope Francis for Friday March 25 and extended to all the particular Churches of the world.
In addition, as Agenzia Fides reports, Caritas Malaysia, responding to the appeal of Caritas Internationalis, has launched an aid collection to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine, in order to provide food, drinking water, safe housing and hygiene kits for the displaced. The organization – which represents the Church in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei – also works closely with the Ukrainian Embassy in Malaysia, especially in the area of ​​medical aid. “The world is deeply concerned about the war in Ukraine,” says Bishop Paul, who urges all Malaysian citizens to do their part and provide material and spiritual aid to the victims of war. (SD-PA) (Agenzia Fides, 21/3/2022)

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