Beginning of the Solemn Novena in Scranton


The novena will take place over the next 9 days here at St. Anne’s Monastery and the Scranton Basilica-Sanctuary.

SCRANTON, Pa. — The campus of Sainte-Anne monastery and basilica-sanctuary was crowded with people attending one of the first days of the Solemn Novena of Saint Anne. Like many believers, Regina Mielo from Clarks Summit has been coming here with her mother for years.

“And I believe that by coming here you become more spiritual and by being around people, even if you’re not very close to the altar, you still get the spiritual feeling,” Mielo said.

Catholics throughout northeastern Pennsylvania participate in the Ten Days of Prayer preceding the Feast of St. Anne. Dunmore’s siblings Kristian and Mak usually attend the Novena every day and staying to help with the food stalls; while strengthening their faith.

“And it will surpass your faith to make it stronger,” Kristian Kasmarcik said.

“It definitely helps you have better faith and you learn that you’re not the only one with that faith,” Mak Leiby added.

The novena is not just for Catholics, everyone in the community is welcome to attend.

“You don’t really have to say the prayers just by being here, you understand what it’s about, but you have to keep coming,” Mielo explained.

And it’s a great way to be part of the Scranton Catholic community.

“But when you meet these people and get to know them. they will invite you to do other things with them. And then it will be just like going to mass together or praying the rosary together after mass or something like that. You really get involved and that’s nice,” Leiby said.

The novena will be held here over the next 9 days at St. Anne’s Monastery and the Scranton Basilica-Sanctuary.

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