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Junior Camillia Washington of Cardinal Stritch University is the personification of an involved student. She’s president of the Black Student Union, is in her second year as a resident assistant, and brews a medium latte at The Bean, the Stritch campus cafe.

She thanks her mother, Latoyia Washington, for helping her build a solid foundation from which she can learn to balance her academic responsibilities, her many activities and stay organized.

“I am grateful for all the opportunities at Stritch that have helped me grow,” said Camillia. “The Wisconsin grant has helped me tremendously by supporting my efforts to pay for my education. The grant reinforces the belief in the ability of all students to attend university.

The Milwaukee native specializes in communications: business-to-business and social media and a minor in criminology and police and justice systems. This interdisciplinary academic orientation allows Camillia to personalize her studies and prepare her to make a difference. She wishes to travel the world to compare and contrast justice systems and identify solutions that will have a significant and lasting impact.

“As a person of color, I believe I have a responsibility to bring attention to issues in systems, especially those that affect people of color,” Camillia explained. “I want to use social media as a platform for change and improvement. ”

She found the perfect opportunity to explore her interests in more depth at the Stritch Campus, home to the Ministry of Dismas, an organization that provides prisoners across the United States with free resources for Catholic scriptures, the Faith and the prayer they need to restore their relationship with the Catholic Church and with God.

Camillia recently completed her first semester as an Ambassador for the Dismas ministry. In this role, she builds community relationships and promotes the mission and values ​​of the ministry.

“Being an Ambassador really opened my eyes to the faith-based perspective of restorative justice,” said Camillia. “I am able to show my authentic self and improve my interpersonal, writing and verbal skills. ”

Camillia has a clear vision for her future after graduating from Stritch. She wants to establish a non-profit organization that will serve and support the children of single mothers.

“Supporting the community within my community is very important to me,” said Camillia. “I want to provide resources to children and give them opportunities that they might not otherwise have so that they ultimately have the ability to fend for themselves.”

There is no doubt that Camillia Washington will continue to use her skills and passion to make a difference for the people and organizations around her.

“I haven’t finished yet,” Camillia said. “I have so much more to learn.”

Kathleen Hohl, University Communications, [email protected]

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