Catholics should help nurture soul of Europe, says Bishop Treanor


Ireland’s Catholics have an important role to play in promoting “the soul of Europe,” Bishop Noel Treanor told The Irish Catholic.

Fostering this soul is a “challenge and imperative to work for the promotion of good [via the European project], for the realization of what is true, global and enriching, ”said Bishop Treanor, who is one of the vice-presidents of the Commission of Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE).

“It remains a challenge for each generation,” he added.

The inspiration for the European project was born from the “cradle” of the Judeo-Christian heritage of Europe, explained Bishop Treanor.

While EU churches remain concerned about attacks on freedom of conscience and the lack of “mutual literacy”, he urged Catholics not to “sacrifice good on the altar of perfection”.

“We have the challenges of forgiveness and reconciliation, and the promotion of the Heavenly City,” said Bishop of Down and Connor.

“It always involves drama, it always involves discussion, dialogue and ideally efforts to enlighten and persuade.”

Bishop Treanor continued, asserting that it is also “the task of churches and faith communities … to critically realize the importance of respect for religious traditions as part of the religious, cultural and historical heritage of the Church. Europe ”.

Read more of Bishop Treanor’s comments here.

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