Celebrate the Ignatian Year with events and reflection, May 3



A graphic icon representing the formation of hearts and minds from the Beyond Boundries strategic planMission and Ministry will celebrate the Ignatian Year, which marks 500 years since the life-changing “cannonball moment” of Saint Ignatius of Loyola with events, free food, reflection and giveaways on Tuesday 3 may.

The following activities will take place throughout the day:

  • Moving Forward in an Ignatian Way with Reverend Mark Ravizza, SJ, Consigliere Generale Per Formazione, Live from Rome | 7:45 a.m. in the Lunda room with a virtual option
  • Distribution of 500 slices of pizza in honor of the 500th anniversary of Ignatius’ transformational cannonball | Outside UMA from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. depending on the weather
    • Limit of one slice per person
  • Insta-Live Review | 2 p.m. on the Mission at Marquette Instagram
  • mass | 10 p.m. at the Sainte Jeanne d’Arc Chapel

Wristbands with the universal apostolic preferences of the Society of Jesus will be distributed at each event.

Reverend Arturo Sosa, SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, has called for a worldwide celebration of the “Ignatian Year” to honor the life of Saint Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits. Ignatius the Soldier was wounded by a cannonball in the Battle of Pamplona 500 years ago, a moment that brought about a change of heart and testified to God’s constant invitation of grace to all of us at every moment.

As a Jesuit Catholic university, Marquette invites the community to engage in this remarkable celebration and recognition of the history and origins of the traditions and values ​​that form the basis of a Jesuit education. Your presence in the Marquette community means that you are part of this 500-year-old tradition that has moved hearts and minds for centuries by creating and reading the signs of the times.

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