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Fatima Halloum

Grade 5 students from Lumen Christi Catholic Elementary School took part in a Stations of the Cross display to mark the start of the Easter holiday.

The school’s religious leader, Enrika Barron, said the Stations of the Cross represents one of the important days, representing Good Friday, the last day of Jesus’ life.

“They go from station to station, and at each station our fifth graders have a freeze frame of how they reproduce, they are all dressed in costume, and then we have a narrator who reads a bit,” Ms. Barron mentioned.

“Each level gets up and sits down, the narrator reads what’s happening at the station and the freeze frame is there, and then they say a little prayer together and they move reverently and very respectfully to the next station. ”

Ms Barron said students are asked to reflect on their faith and traditions and assess how this can be applied in today’s times.

“When we did Maundy Thursday, the fact that Jesus was washing the feet of the disciples, Jesus was saying ‘I’m no better than anyone else, we’re all equal and we have to take care of each other’ .”

Ms Barron said the school’s Easter celebrations were an important time to acknowledge the message of Jesus.

“Children go through meaning, meaning, tradition, symbols, rituals, and every year we do something to remember this important time in the church calendar,” she said. .

“Next year we are going to do something different. There is an opportunity for the school to come together, to remember our faith, our tradition, we invite our parents, our community and it is an experience of prayer.

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