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BALTIMORE — A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted a Johns Hopkins anesthesiologist and his wife, a physician and U.S. Army major, for conspiracy and for disclosing individually identifiable health information related to their efforts to help Russia in connection with the conflict in Ukraine.

The United States Attorney’s Office for Maryland said in a press release that the indictment charging Anna Gabrielian, 36, and his wife, Jamie Lee Henry, 39, both of Rockville, Maryland, both of whom had secret clearances, were attempting to provide medical information about servicemen to the Russian government.

Gabrielian and Henry encountered a person whom they believed to be associated with the Russian government, but who was, in fact, an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agent.

In court documents filed, Gabrielian told the FBI agent posing as a Russian agent that she had previously contacted the Russian Embassy by email and phone, offering Russia her and his assistance. his wives.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Gabrielian told the FBI agent that although Henry was aware of Gabrielian’s interaction with the Russian Embassy, ​​she never mentioned Henry’s name. at the Russian Embassy.

In the account released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, on August 17, 2022, Gabrielian met with the FBI at a hotel in Baltimore. During this meeting, Gabrielian told the FBI that she was motivated by patriotism towards Russia to provide all the help she could to Russia, even if it meant being fired or going to prison. .

She offered potential covers for her encounter with the “Russians” and stressed the need for “plausible deniability” in case she was confronted by US authorities. Gabrielian also told the FBI that as a military officer, Henry was currently a more important source for Russia than she was because they had more useful information, including how the military American establishes a military hospital in wartime conditions and information about previous training. provided by the US military to Ukrainian military personnel.

Gabrielian’s wife is US Army Major Jamie Lee Henry, who identifies as a transgender military doctor on his Twitter account.

Henry came to public attention in 2015 after becoming the first known active duty army officer to come out as transgender.

Henry was at one time a member of SPARTA, the nation’s largest nonprofit representing active transgender U.S. service members. A SPARTA spokesperson, in an emailed statement commenting on the news of the arrest and indictment of Henry and their wife, told The Blade:

“Transgender people are as diverse as the societies to which they belong. A person’s gender identity does not increase or decrease the propensity for alleged criminal activity. »

As stated in the indictment, Gabrielian is an anesthetist and worked at Medical Institution 1, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Henry, a major in the United States Army, who held a secret-level security clearance, is Gabrielian’s wife and a doctor. At the time of the alleged conspiracy, Henry worked as an internist stationed at Fort Bragg, headquarters of the Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps, headquarters of United States Army Special Operations Command and the United States Medical Center. army of Womack.

Gabrielian was scheduled to appear for the first time at 11:30 a.m. Thursday in US District Court in Baltimore before US Magistrate Judge Brendan A. Hurson. Henry is also expected to have a first appearance today, although a time has yet to be set.

SPARTA’s full statement:

“SPARTA, a nonprofit advocacy organization representing transgender service members in the United States, is saddened to learn of the arrest and charge of Jamie Lee Henry, a US Army officer and physician.

SPARTA has a long history of advocating for full transgender inclusion and equity in all uniformed services across the United States. Today, thousands serve honorably and authentically at home stations around the world.

The actions alleged in the indictment do not reflect Henry’s identity as transgender. Their alleged actions are those of an individual and should not be taken as a representation of transgender people in general or transgender members of the military in particular.

All people in the United States are entitled to the same rights, including due process and the presumption of innocence in this matter. SPARTA does not condone any actions alleged in the indictment and expects the process to be conducted in a fair and equitable manner as it would for anyone charged with a crime.

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