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Catholics on Campus is a Defiance College group that accepts everyone as they are. This student-run organization offers opportunities for fellowship, service and retreats.

The organization allows students to participate in a group with a sense of belonging, community and faith. Everyone is welcome to make spiritual connections, not just Catholic students.

It helps students learn more about Catholicism and spend time with other students who wish to deepen their faith.

Catholics on campus come together through many different events. The most common is a Bible study / fellowship every Wednesday. Students describe this as “a sharing of faith with the help of the scriptures.”

Participants go to mass together once a month in the Defiance community, then go out to eat. Catholics on campus work to coordinate a Lenten service with the Deacon of St. Mary and a DC elder, George Newton. Each January, the group hosts a March for Life bus trip to Washington, DC.

The Catholics on Campus organization tries to give back to the community as much as it can.

Members teamed up with the St. Mary’s Pantry and last year, donating food bags to 60 families. Another major feature is a Halloween party and a meal at Defiance’s Path Center. Catholics on campus receive funding from a grant from the diocese.

Teagan Hunt, of Perrysburg, is a DC freshman and vice president of campus Catholics. She said, “We have lots of new and fun things to do in the future, and I can’t wait to see what will happen! “

Will Garlock, of Lima, is a junior in DC and president of Catholics on Campus. Garlock said, “Catholic’s on Campus is my favorite thing here in DC, of ​​course I love playing football and working with the basketball team, but the family I’m in with Catholic’s on Campus is one of a kind.

“We all come from different places and different ways of practicing our faith, and I love that,” Garlock added.

He says this group also holds him responsible. Living in college can be difficult to put its ideals into practice, but Garlock says this group is like a community of faith-based people who can speak openly about their faith.

In addition, the group always creates more traditions and creates new activities. Kris Knight, the group’s personnel advisor, says this group is very fluid. They meet students where they are on their spiritual journey.

With new students joining constantly, Kris strives to keep Catholics on campus fresh by engaging with members and creating new traditions and events. They are always accepting new members.

Established in 1850, Defiance College is an independent liberal arts-based institution in Northwest Ohio that offers more than 40 undergraduate degree programs as well as graduate programs in education and business.

Defiance College has received national recognition for its educational experience of service and commitment. The college is guided by the four pillars of its mission: Know, Understand, Lead and Serve.

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