De La Salle North opens a new campus


The freshly painted rooms and new hallways of De La Salle North Catholic High School were filled with joy as teachers, donors, supporters and other members of the school community walked through the new building on Friday morning.

The school celebrated the official opening of its new campus with a groundbreaking ceremony on October 22, bringing together many who had helped the school reach their home in northeast Killingsworth.

“It’s a beautiful day,” said James Broadous II, deputy director of student life at De La Salle North, to a crowd of cheers. “We have been waiting for this day for a long time. I have been a part of this school for 10 years and every day we talk about this moment.

Brother Chris Patiño, member of the Christian Brothers, led a prayer for the event.

“As we open this new home, we pause and thank everyone who made this possible,” he said. “May our vision of Lasallian Catholic education – rooted in faith, service and community – bear fruit by touching hearts, minds and mutually transforming the lives of all who teach, learn and serve here. “

Classes began in the building in September, and construction was completed around students, staff and faculty. The last works, including the completion of a new gymnasium, were completed a few days before the inauguration ceremony.

Nikolas Tucker, who attended De La Salle North and graduated from Columbia University in New York, worked in the architectural design industries in New York and Portland. Tucker was one of the architects who designed the new school space.

“Everyone deserves a space that amplifies them to be their best,” he said.

Tucker said he looks forward to the opportunities the school will offer students in the years to come.

Father Elwin Schwab, representing the school’s new neighbor, St. Charles Parish, blessed the crowd and the building.

The new campus gives De La Salle North “a level of permanence that they haven’t had and gives them new energy to move forward,” said Mark Myers, a school donor. “It’s a beautiful place, so it’s great for education.

The new space will offer “a lot of new opportunities, a great new start and a whole new facility to create more memories,” said Melissa Easler, who has just started as a chef at the Portland school.

“De La Salle students are so special to our Catholic community,” said Herbert Medina, president of the University of Portland. He noted that there are 22 De La Salle graduates currently enrolled at UP

“It’s just a great addition to the Catholic community in the Portland area, especially with students who are historically undervalued and under-represented in higher education and even in the high school experience,” said Medina.

Oregon State Senator Lew Frederick, D-Portland, said he liked the stability of the new campus, which is in the senator’s legislative district. “It’s an amazing school, a really strong program,” he said. “The students are simply exceptional. It’s not for everyone, but it’s something that really supports some kids who otherwise wouldn’t have that kind of support. I’m really happy to see him.

“Our founder, Saint John Baptist De La Salle, the patron saint of educators, is here with us in spirit,” said Oscar Leong, president of the school. “There is so much joy that is going to occur on this campus. “

Leong thanked everyone who helped with the construction and fundraising and offered other forms of support as the school established its new home.

“We belong to this community,” he said. “It’s not just a school. It is a place where the community can come to party.

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