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Delano City Council, in a special meeting, voted Mayor Bryan Osorio and Mayor Pro-Tem Veronica Vasquez for a second term in their previous one-year posts.

At a previous meeting, after lengthy discussions, Delano’s board members voted unanimously to return to in-person meetings after being virtual for several months.

Masks will be mandatory during meetings and social distancing will be enforced. Regarding the latter, council determined that it would be possible for some people to be in the foyer of the council chamber to hear the proceedings, or for the meetings to be moved to a larger location.


Christmas is a good time to recognize the volunteers who attended the Thanksgiving Community Luncheon at Tony’s Firehouse Grill and the lighting of Christmas buildings and trees at Delano’s Heritage Park near the Garces Highway and South Lexington intersection.

Claribel Gutierrez, president of Harvest Holidays and the Delano Kiwanis Club, coordinated approximately 60 volunteers at the community lunch which, for the second year, distributed approximately 1,500 meals.

Volunteers included sponsorship groups and high and elementary school districts, students of the S Club at Delano High School, Harvest Holidays and Kiwanis Club, as well as people without affiliation, but who were just there to promote their own. advantage and that of Delano.

Many volunteered to haul meals before the take-out line kicked in, delivering to places such as the Rotary Club Retirement Village, Casa de Hernandez, and the 40 Acres, as well as other sites for the elderly as well as the homeless in the region. Mel Sparks, a retired Bakersfield City employee who started volunteering three years ago when he saw the call for help on TV news, is one of those who have the more pushed to help.

The only sad part of the day, reported coordinator Art Armendariz, was when it was learned that about a month ago, Dalip Singh, a former Delano car dealership, had passed away. He helped the late Tony Martinez kick off Thanksgiving lunch years ago.

Coordinator Art Armendariz provided the “Help List” for the Turkey Day lunch. Volunteers include Claribel Gutierrez, Delia De Leon, Genie Sanchez, Edgar Guzman, Pearl Rivera, Anthony and Cindie Cortez, Gary Chaney, Mia and Camry Madrigal, Esmeralda Robles Garcia, Jose Robles, Rosa Renteria, Griselda Gomez, Ann Santam, Hector Vasquez , Barbara Moreno-Mejia, Arnold Morrison, Amanda Garza, Charlotte Vera, Susana Zaragoza, Tara Kates, Cindy Calderon, Liz Morris, Jaythen Peralta, Nevaeh Faith Minel, Amowyah A. Cortez, Isaiah Lazo, Victor Lopez, Dan Madriaga, Joselle Talabong , Bryan Avelar, Rafael Silva, Milan Shults, Ruben (last name not clear on list provided), Sunshine Hernandez, Nathaniel Cavazos, Salvador Solorio-Ruiz, Harley St. Clair, Christina Clair, Annette Salim, Rica Ballesteros, Alicia Martinez , Carmelo Madrigal, Alma Garza, Veronica Soto, Betsy Carver, Jasneet Bairs, Yannett Tapia, Joe Alindajao, Octavio Magana, Julius Salon and Johnny Escalante.

I misread some of the names on the sign-up sheet, and I know Gilbert Martinez, Roy Castillo, and many men, including the cooks who started at 4 a.m., didn’t sign up. Also, there were a lot of Tony’s employees who weren’t listed but were there from start to finish.


Decorating Delano Heritage Park for Christmas was another local project with the Kiwanis Club and the Delano Historical Society in the lead roles, assisted by Harvest Holidays and Key Clubs from Wonderful College Prep Academy, Delano High and Robert F. Kennedy High.

From the Delano High Key Club were Susana Zaragoza, Isaiah Lazo and Athena Catungal, and from the Wonderful Prep Academy Key Club were Ricardo Navarette and Juan Manuel Franco.

Kiwanians Steve Kinsey, Dorsey Driggs, Jim and Becky Koontz, Claribel Gutierrez, Dan Madriaga, Arnold Morrison and Patty Torres also decorated.

The American Legion Auxiliary was represented by Dee Tinkle Hardesty, Zana Chaney, Denise Driggs and Mary Serna. Pearl Rivera has participated in Harvest Holidays, Colton Kinsey for Kiwanis and Historical Society, Suzanne Villaruz for the Elementary School District and Liz Morris for the town of Delano.


Only a dozen citizens make up the Kiwanis Club of Delano, but their many plans suggest that there are many more participants.

Steve Kinsey, once a student of mine at Delano High when he was active at Key Club, reported that Kiwanis and Historical Society teamed up to decorate the park.

The decorations include 25 trees that will delight passers-by until they are delivered to families in the area. The elementary school district and secondary school district officials locate the families who receive the trees, with the elementary district providing the trees.

Kern Valley State Prison sponsored 10 Trees, the American Legion two trees, and one each by Jordan Davis, John and Kelly Andreas, Veronica Vasquez, Harvest Holidays Association, the American Legion Auxiliary, and Eloise Carrillo.

Kiwanis also sponsored a fundraising sale of 120 pies sold in the community as a service to the public and in addition to funds going to local projects.

Kinsey reports that a club-sponsored essay contest last year won’t take place in 2021 but could be in the works for spring or later in 2022.


The Cesar Chavez high school yearbook, the “Titaneer,” sells for $ 70 for late spring delivery, but the fee climbs to $ 75 on Jan. 1.

The annual can be purchased from the following website: Questions can be emailed to [email protected]

The editor of the yearbook for this school year is Rachel Cubangbang. The advisor is Rosemarie Dao.


On Sunday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 916 Lexington St., the Pfizer vaccine will be available, without an appointment, for all adults and ages 5 to 17.

Any minor under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Along with the vaccine, free tacos will be provided.


Today a lunch and a benefit dinner from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. to take away or at the table will benefit Hubert Rabanal and his family.

Frank Valdez called me to inform me that he and Max Bacerra are organizing the event by sponsoring the Delano Elks Lodge # 1761, where meals will be served.

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