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YOUNGSTOWN – Bishop David Bonnar has created a new communications department for the Diocese of Youngstown, effective July 1.

Bonnar integrated all communications and publishing operations, including internal and external communications, as well as the operations and staff of the Catholic Exponent (the diocesan newspaper) and the Catholic Telecommunications Network of Youngstown (CTNY, the Ministry of radio, television and multimedia of the diocese).

An official said the consolidation of CTNY with the diocese’s social media efforts was announced in September 2021, with a new social media studio at the diocesan offices in Youngstown to replace the old CTNY studios in Canfield.

In February 2021, Bonnar identified communications as one of five priorities for the diocesan church in his pastoral letter, Witness to the Light, with a mandate to establish an integrated communications approach and emphasize the social media engagement.

Bonnar said the Department of Communications is responsible for innovating the diocese’s print, digital, television and radio presence, building on the award-winning legacy of CTNY and the Catholic exponent.

“In my inaugural pastoral letter, I identified communication as one of five priorities as we move forward together. It is imperative that we use every means possible to proclaim what Pope Francis calls the joy of the Gospel and to invite people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ who is always with us on the journey. We cannot allow Jesus or his continued presence in the Church to become muted or irrelevant. I am excited about the team we have assembled for this effort,” said Bonnar.

Along with the creation of the department, Bonnar announces the appointment of department staff:

l Justin Huyck as Director of Communications. Huyck will assume overall responsibility for the Communications Department, developing and implementing communications policies and programs that support the diocese and its parishes, schools, and ministries. He will continue to be the main point of contact with journalists.

l Katie Wagner as Managing Editor of Publications and Associate Director of Communications. Wagner will lead the diocese’s efforts to innovate in its print and digital editions, building on the Catholic exhibitor’s 77-year history.

l Cindee Case continues to serve as Minister of Social Media for the Diocese of Youngstown, leading the Diocese’s efforts on social media. In her role, Case develops creative content on various social media platforms, coaches those engaging with the diocese on social media, and provides social media training for parish and school leaders.

l Robert Gavalier joins the Communications Department as the Diocese’s Senior Multimedia Production Specialist, having served CTNY for more than 25 years, most recently as Executive Director.

l Meagen Farrell joins the diocese as a communications specialist. She will participate in various communication projects, including supporting internal communications between the diocese and parishes and providing training as communication platforms develop.

l Reverend James Korda will continue to host the Wineskins radio show, after retiring as CTNY President in July 2022, continuing his 30-year association with Diocesan media. Wineskins is streamed online at www.doy.org.

l Brother Dominic Calabro of the Saint Paul Society will continue to serve as a production assistant for various diocesan initiatives and event coverage. He also served CTNY for more than 25 years, in addition to contributing to the media efforts of his faith community.

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