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The martyr of the 4th century is called to intercede to quickly settle legal and financial problems.

There are few problems these days that don’t seem to require an urgent response, or even a miracle.

Saint-Expédit is the patron saint of emergency situations where an immediate resolution is necessary. I can think of a dozen crises off the top of my head, all of global, national, and spiritual consequence – even of eternal consequence.

Expedite, also known as Expeditus, originated in the 4th century in a region of Armenia, now Turkey. As a Roman centurion (according to tradition) he was a pagan, but like many Roman soldiers he later converted to Christianity.

Before his conversion, it is said that the devil came to him in the form of a crow and encouraged him to put off his conversion until tomorrow.

Saint Expedite refused and crushed the bird under his feet, killing it, saying, “I will be a Christian today!”

This story led to him being named the boss against procrastination.

Saint-Expédit is generally depicted trampling on a bird that says Craswhich means “tomorrow” in Latin, while he raises a cross with the word Hodie engraved in it. Hodie is Latin for “today”.

The conversion of Saint-Expédit would mean death during the persecution of Christians by Diocletian. He died as a martyr on April 19, 303 in Melitene, Turkey.

Saint Expedite was declared a martyr in 1781, in Italy, where devotion to him has survived since the Middle Ages. He was asked by his intercession to quickly settle the legal and financial problems. It is still very popular in Europe — and especially in Latin America. On his feast day, April 19, São Paulo, Brazil holds celebrations in his honor.

No matter the urgent situation, let us turn to Saint-Expédit to intercede for our petitions.

Prayer to Saint Expedit

Sovereign Holy Expedite,
The most relief par excellence just and urgent causes,
intercede in my name with God the Father Almighty,
to save me in these moments of solemn despair
and anguish.

Sovereign Holy Expedite,
you who are the holy warrior, the faithful servant of God,
you who are the holy of the afflicted,
the saint of all emergencies, grant me your protection; help me.
Give me your virtues and strengthen me with
courage, valour, calm, serenity and strength.

Attend my supplication.
(Now state your request in faith.)

Sovereign Holy Expedite,
help me to overcome all these complicated circumstances.
Take care of me and keep me from all threats, from all dangers
people and spirits who seek to harm me;
take care of my family, my friends and my brothers.

Respond promptly to my request.
Bring peace to my being and my home again,
which will give us the tranquility we need to live.

Sovereign Holy Expedit!
I give you eternal thanks and I will always praise you,
and spread your name to all who desire someone like you,
a saint who will listen and respond to their needs, with the utmost urgency.

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