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Detail from Cassandre’s “Journal” (1934). (WikiArt.org)

• The 26 Martyrs of Nagasaki: The air was electric with a holy silence, all Nagasaki mute with grief, as the parade of martyrs marched to the top of the hill where their crosses awaited. The Galleon, the Tyrant and the 26 Martyrs of Nagasaki

• Bishop of Jackson explains how Catholic education influenced Mississippi“I believe the tradition of the Catholic school has served many students and families through the generations, dating back to the 19th century.” Bishop: Omicron will not force the Diocese of Jackson to revert to pandemic precautions.

Worshipers in South West Australia have been left stunned after a policeman stopped mass to check if parishioners were wearing masks. “Five people were found not wearing masks, one of whom had an exemption while the other four were required to put them on.” Community fury after police stopped St Bernadette’s church service in Glendalough to check on masks.

Many leaders of the Catholic Church in Europe rallied to the Rainbow Reich.first things Founder Fr. Richard John Neuhaus often observed that where Orthodoxy becomes optional, Orthodoxy will soon be prohibited. Rainbow Reich Catholic Chaplaincy.

• Neil Young doesn’t really seem like a freedom fighter anymore: “Why would Neil Young, who cried out against the establishment a long time ago, take the side of the establishment now and try to use his influence to silence Joe Rogan? Neil Young and the 60s undo the culture that continues to haunt us

• Churches can help the foster care system, if the government lets them: “Perhaps the only bright spot in the child welfare world has been the innovative programs offered by churches and other faith-based organizations.” Iis the foster care system racist?

• The convoy of trucks extends: Following the lead of Canadian truckers in Ottawa, a growing number of trucker-inspired protests appear to be gaining momentum around the world, with groups forming in the Netherlands, Austria, the United States, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Freedom Convoy protests spread across the globe as truckers fight warrants

• Why is the Department of Justice not doing anything about all the recent vandalism of the church? There have been at least 120 cases of church vandalism since May 2020, an alarming increase from previous years. Catholic group condemns DOJ priorities amid church vandalism

• Black Catholics who have a place in American history: The history of the black Catholic community is equally important to the history of the Catholic Church in the United States. History of Black Catholics

• A stupid (maybe stupid) lesson on ethnicities gets a Catholic teacher fired:A Catholic school in Chicago has fired a history teacher after he repeatedly used a racial slur for black people during a class discussion about sports team names and in a meeting with administrators. Catholic high school teacher fired after using racial slurs

• Virtue proves stronger than tyranny in this story of a life saved: “All three narrowly escaped the grim reaper. Dedication to the truth, courage and loyalty proved essential. Escaping the Grim Reaper – The Story of Three Brave Catholics

• We can revive sacred music. It’s already done : The pontificate of Pius XI was fruitful for sacred music, especially Italian. He wanted to perfect the work of his predecessors. The Pope of Christ the King and the revival of sacred music

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