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Detail from “Ex-libris DH Roodhuyzen by Vires van Dishoeck” (1942) by MC Escher (Image: WikiArt.org)

Armageddon- “What does the Bible really teach about the end of the world, Armageddon, the second coming of Jesus Christ and the final battle against the Antichrist?” Armageddon, Apocalypse and the Final Battle (Integrated Catholic Life)

Spiritual Friendship – “While I am deeply sensitive to the desires of same-sex attracted Christians and their need for family and belonging, I believe that proponents of modernity spiritual friendship disturb the precious mystery of friendship. ” Spiritual friendship: temptation or belonging? (Christian Research Institute)

Nothing is going anywhere – “I know a lot of people were expecting a ‘red wave’ but as I warned, it’s MUCH harder than it looks.” you can’t beat “something” with “nothing” (bad attitude)

Affluent white liberal women – “If 21st-century politics takes on the appearance of a class war, the American midterm elections have concretized a disturbing facet of this political landscape: this class war is also a war of the sexes. A sex war is coming (Detachment)

Principle of neutrality – “The only principled position, we were told, is neutrality. Voters can approve or disapprove of abortion as they please, but what matters is that the voters decide. Montana bleeding (Ius & Iustitium)

Death by academic books — “The road to hell was once paved with good intentions, but today we are content with symbolic gestures. They are much cheaper than good intentions. Academic publishing and the death instinct (The Honest Broker)

No wave – “Tuesday may have been a disappointment for Republicans, but pro-abortion zealots didn’t win big either.” Abortion hasn’t held Republicans back (The American Conservative)

A self-imposed exile – “The reason for our trip: Wyoming Catholic College. We wanted to get a better sense of the place before I commit myself for four years to the indifferent and gaping landscape of Wyoming. Why I went to a Catholic college (first things)

Fantasy metaverse – “It’s over. Facebook is in decline, Twitter in chaos. Mark Zuckerberg’s empire has lost hundreds of billions of dollars in value and laid off 11,000 people. The era of social media is coming to an end (Atlantic)

The LGBT Front – “The United States Men’s National Team made a huge statement at the World Cup in Qatar by redesigning their crest to incorporate the rainbow flag, in a bid to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. ” Qatar: somewhere under the rainbow (The American Conservative)

Writers haunted by Christ – For these writers, all lovers of good literature should be grateful. American Literature and the Catholic Faith (National Catholic Registry)

Lion & Lamb – “Finding suitable children’s books these days can be difficult. Even with an otherwise wonderful local library, there’s a lot of questionable material lurking within the pages of some new releases. Lion & Lamb seeks to organize the Catholic child’s library (Aleteia)

Catholic Creativity – The fourth biennial conference on the Catholic Imagination, bringing together Catholic poets, novelists and artists for two days of readings, panels, workshops and fellowship, was held September 30-October 1 at the University from Dallas. Writer on a mission to rekindle the Catholic imagination (The Catholic weekly)

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