Family Hosted Dinner Initiative Strengthens Community in St. Mark in St. Paul


When Eileen Moore joined St. Mark in St. Paul 35 years ago, for the first two years she generally sat in the same place at Mass each week “as most Catholics do,” she said. she declared.

But she often thought, “If I didn’t show up, nobody would notice,” Moore said. “And it was a bit depressing, actually.”

Eileen Moore

So when she saw the announcement of a moms group starting at the ward, she joined. As a result, she ultimately felt like she belonged with the parish family, Moore said.

“To be known to others and to know others, you have to spend time and listen,” she said. “And that must happen outside of Mass.”

Moore recently joined “Practicing Catholic” host Patrick Conley in describing an initiative at St. Mark’s called “Guess who’s coming to dinner?” The program brings together small groups of adult parishioners in families’ homes, usually once a month, to share dinner and conversation. It started in 2015, inspired by a similar program at St. Joseph in West St. Paul, she said.

The episode with Moore, which includes logistics and other dinner details, premieres at 9 p.m. Jan. 21 on Relevant Radio 1330 AM. The show also airs at 1 p.m. on January 22 and 2 p.m. on January 23. Information is available on the parish website,

Talking in a small group of people can take relationships to a different, even deeper level, she said. “I’ve been to dinner parties with people I’ve worked with a lot, maybe with them, but I hear stories about them that I’ve never heard before,” she said. .

The parish offers other ways to build community, Moore said, including Bible studies, usually held in the spring and fall. “It involves a lot of different age groups, which is great because then you’re in small groups with different people, maybe people you don’t hang out with regularly,” she said.

Coffee and donuts are regularly offered after Sunday masses, most recently through a parish group of young adults, which Moore says is another way to build community.

Produced by Relevant Radio and the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, the latest “Practicing Catholic” show also includes interviews with Emily Albrecht of the Equal Rights Institute and Jason Adkins, executive director and general counsel of the Minnesota Catholic Conference. , which discuss how pro-life advocates can better engage with pro-choice advocates; and Greg Hughes and Chuck Sylvester, members of Catholic Watchmen of St. Paul in Ham
Lake, who discuss what it means to be a man of God at 21st century and describe an upcoming male retreat.

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