Father Bede Morti, third priest of Sook



The priestly ordination of Deacon Bede Morti Lamutan took place at Holy Spirit Church on February 27, 2022.

March 11, 2022

Newly ordained Father Bede Morti concelebrates Mass with Bishop Cornelius Piong and the clergy. (Catholic Sabah/KOMSOS)

SOOK, Sabah: The priestly ordination of Deacon Bede Morti Lamutan took place at Holy Spirit Church on February 27, 2022.

Father Bede is the third priest to come from the parish, after Father Bonaventure Unting who was ordained in 2001 and Father David Gasikol in 2018.

Bishop Cornelius Piong, who presided over the ordination, said, “I am grateful and proud that another young man from the community has answered the call to become a priest.”

In 1978, while the prelate served in Nabawan, there was no church and few Catholics. After 44 years, thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit and those who preach the Good News, the Catholic community has grown.

The celebration was attended by only 150 guests and was broadcast live on social media due to the sudden increase in COVID-19 cases.

Born on May 26, 1991, Father Bede is from Nabawan District and became a Catholic through the RCIA in 2008. He entered the formation house of the Catholic Diocesan Center (CDC) in 2014 and continued his formation at the major seminary of St Peter’s College from 2015 to 2021. Prior to his ordination, Father Bede exercised his pastoral ministry in several ministries including the Legion of Mary, the Charismatic Renewal Movement and the Children’s Liturgy.

Throughout his training, Father Bede admitted that he sometimes felt depressed and empty, but the light and love of Christ continued to shine, giving him the strength to pick himself up and keep walking.

Choosing Pirot Nu Sangulun Ranga (Love of a Friend) from the Gospel of John (15:13) as the theme for his priestly ordination, Father Bede said he feels blessed by God to be ordained and feels the love of the people of the Diocese of Keningau. “I am grateful for the prayers and support received during this journey, and I feel ready to serve people while continuing to trust in God.”

Archbishop Cornelius thanked Father Bede for responding to Jesus’ call.

The bishop added that Father Bede had had a long and sometimes difficult journey. “We celebrate you as you are sent to preach the Gospel; to be the Good Shepherd of the people of God; and celebrate the liturgy, especially the sacrifice of the Lord on his table. In doing so, you gather the faithful of the community by praying with them and for them to the Lord.

He hoped that Father Bede’s ordination would inspire young people to respond to the call to become priests or religious. He also urged parents not to hinder their children’s vocation to priesthood or religious life, before announcing that Fr Bede will be assigned to Holy Cross Church in Toboh.

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