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Amid the global madness that has become the new norm, we must remember that the “Catholic goal” must always be within reach. Everything that happens in the world must be seen through this lens – and not just in large-scale global affairs, but in our own individual lives.

Most people don’t make the necessary intellectual leap from “world” to “their world” – as in your home, your children, your daily life, your soul. But the globalists have made that connection. In fact, they created it, and they even trumpeted it, as World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab boasted at the Davos meeting that recently ended in Switzerland.

A combination of many forces has brought the world to the brink of it all – technology, media, education, economics, politics. All of these forces, each in the hands of spiritual degenerates, have created a new order for the world.

The goal is to erase any vestige of Christianity – especially Catholicism.

True, the plan has been around for centuries, and that plan has been the destruction of the Christian world order, but until certain pieces are put in place, it could not accelerate. These pieces are now in place, and we’ve already seen some of them:

  • A stolen election to block power in DC
  • A man-made pandemic to destroy the global economy and condition people to line up
  • One media distraction after another to distract from the truth
  • The accumulation of trillions in new national debt to cripple any meaningful recovery
  • Constant climate change propaganda to set the stage for the destruction of energy independence
  • The Relentless Drumbeat of Sexual Perversion and Degeneracy as “Human Rights”

It never ends. The aim is to erase any vestige of Christianity – especially Catholicism – because until the Faith is crushed they do not have total control, as Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci admitted in the 1930s.

The world, and your world, has no hope of salvation without Catholicism. That’s why, from day one here at Church Militant, we’ve been dedicated to proclaiming Catholic truth — especially in our programming, much of which is Premium programming.

As such, we are proud to announce the deployment of three new Premium lounges. The first is Mental Health (and the need to understand it from a Catholic perspective), which debuted last month.

The second brand new show that debuted earlier this week is Marian moment. The inspiration for it was a live show we were producing daily with very limited staff at the start of the COVID-19 shutdowns in 2020. Its focus was specifically on Marian theology, but in this new program we expand on that and talk about the fullness of Marian theology finds its place in the current world crisis, provoked by Freemasonry and Communism.

The Church Militant Premium channel has literally thousands of hours and hundreds of episodes that explore virtually every nook and cranny of the Faith. We never changed the low cost of just $10 per month because we want anyone who wants to be able to sign up and view the content.

Likewise, Church Militant offers hours and hours of programming every week, like this one Vortex, evening newspaper, Securities and Investigations – all this for free for you.

But it’s not free for us to produce. Your $10 per month subscription not only goes for Premium content, but it also allows us to continue producing daily free programming. And not just video, but high-quality production and relevant information properly vetted and researched by accomplished professionals with theological degrees and real-world experience in politics and journalism.

If there was ever a time to support Church Militant and become a Premium Member, it’s now.

All of this is what your monthly $10 (and any other donation) provides: a guarantee of Catholic analysis and perspective like no other in the Catholic world. It’s truthful, impactful and direct.

If there was ever a time to support Church Militant and become a Premium Member, it’s now.

Finally, we mentioned a third Premium show, which is now in final production. This show is called “restore tradition” and will trace the history of the attacks on Tradition and Orthodoxy and expose the need to restore them. To watch in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, please register today to become a Premium Member by clicking here.

Thank you in advance.

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