Five facts about the history, the tradition of honoring dad


tragic origin

A church in West Virginia held the first recorded event honoring the fathers on July 5, 1908. It was a one-time Sunday service in memory of 362 men who died in an explosion the previous December at the Fairmont mine Coal Company in Monongah, West Virginia.

Assistance in Spokane

The first “Father’s Day” was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington, after Sonora Smart Dodd worked to establish an official day of recognition for male parents to reflect Mother’s Day. Dodd, one of six children raised by a widower, reached out to local churches, the YMCA, business owners and government officials to rally support and establish the party statewide.

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Invited by Coolidge

In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge encouraged other state governments to observe Father’s Day.

Nixon’s signature

In 1972, President Richard Nixon made Father’s Day a national holiday, signing a congressional resolution giving dad his due 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day a holiday.

different day

In other countries, including Europe and Latin American countries, fathers are honored on St. Joseph’s Day, a traditional Catholic holiday that falls on March 19.


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