Four Leaf Clover: Why Are They Considered A Symbol Of Good Luck?



Ssurely if you have already found one four Leaf Clover you thought “This will bring luck!” or “That means I’m really lucky”. And yes, for some reason this plant has always been associated with magical properties capable of attracting good energies and eliminating bad ones from our environment. Keep in mind that it is a very rare species and therefore when someone finds it, they think it is fate and consider it a lucky charm. But where does this belief come from?

Scientifically speaking, four-leaf clover is a rare mutation of white clover, which is the most common species, so the belief that they are really hard to find is quite true. In fact, it’s so rare that there’s only one in 10,000 chances to find a four-leaf clover in the wild.

But it’s the legend that makes it even more fascinating.

The history of the four leaf clover

According to pagan legends, each leaf has a meaning. The first would bring notorietythe second leaf would bring us richnessthe third loveand the fourth health.

But in the Christian and Catholic tradition each leaf corresponds rather to a virtue. The first sheet is for to hopethe second is for Faithand the third is for charity; the fourth sheet would therefore be fortunate. It is also said to be in the image of God: a single plant with three lobes, which represents the Dadthe Son and the Holy Spirit.

But despite these theological explanations, it is more likely that it was simply the rarity of the four-leaf clover that earned it a reputation as a lucky charm.

And let’s not forget that we can also find clovers with five or six leaves. The folder is one of 56 sheets! Cultivated in Japan by Shigeo Obarawho was chosen as guinness world record in 2009.

Are you feeling lucky this Saint Patrick’s Day?

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