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As the Catholic Church in Germany continues its attempts to evangelize and reach people, new initiatives launched by the Catholic Church such as the “workshop for the future” in Frankfurt aim to provide spiritual guidance and support for young people.

By Mario Galgano

The Catholic Church in Germany is in turmoil: evangelization in the country therefore passes through various projects.

A Vatican News team visits several religious communities and charities in the Baltic region of Germany that provide solidarity and support to German Catholics.

From September 25 to 30, the “Bonifatiuswerk” (the “Boniface Charity”), a charity run by the German Bishops’ Conference, organized tours to the Baltic regions in Germany to visit these charities and communities.

‘Workshop for the future’ in Frankfurt

The first stop takes us to Frankfurt, the financial and economic heart of Germany.

In 1986, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, known today as Pope Francis, spent three months in the Jesuit community of Sankt Georgen.

However, he could not complete the project because his Order called him to another country.

Thirty years later, the Jesuit Clemens Blattert founded a “place of personal meditation” at the Sankt Georgen community.

For a week, the “Zukunftswerkstatt” (“Workshop for the future”) has a new director: the Austrian Jesuit Sebastian Ortner, 32 years old.

In an interview granted to Vatican News, the Jesuit explains what the institution consists of and what its projects are: “We offer the possibility to young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to reflect on their vocation” not only in the spiritual sense but also in their everyday life.

Prof. Sebastian Ortner, SJ, Director of the “Workshop for the Future”

So far, many young people have come, “and among them there are also young people who need to think about their future in studies or in the profession”. The length of stay also varies.

“The Workshop for the Future provides a spiritual place and setting that helps a person discover their relationship with God,” Fr. Ortner continues.

The project is not only supported by the Jesuits, but also by several German dioceses who recommend a stay in the institution.

During the Youth Synod in 2018, the founder of the “Atelier for the Future”, Father Blattert, was able to explain the project to the Synod Fathers.

“And I, says the director Father Ortner, I want to continue on the path of strengthening the vocation of young people.”

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