Google Trends names the most popular Halloween costumes for the sick and MO



A few days away from Halloween, you may still be thinking about the costume you’ll wear. Well, that might help sway your decision. has mapped out the most popular Halloween costumes by state, and for Illinois and Missouri, it’s quite interesting. First, the most popular costume, and unsurprisingly Michale Myers is leading the way (with the “latest” movie just released, no wonder the costume is popular). TV show characters have a big impact on people deciding what to wear this year. Georgia (squid games), Hawaii (stranger things), West Virginia (Beth Dutton of Yellowstone) and Ted Lasso which is the most popular costume in Illinois.

For Missouri, it’s an oldie but a Pennywise goodie (no thanks) and the characters from Scream seem to be making a comeback. A surprise in Iowa as Daphine from Scoobydoo is the most popular search this Halloween. So how did they find the card? The website used Google Trends and narrowed its search to the last 7-30 days to see what people were looking for in each state.

As for me, I like creative costumes. I saw someone dress up in Mac-n-Cheese one time, or something that’s put together at home. Store-bought costumes are also fun, don’t get me wrong, but I think the best ones come from the ones that are created from scratch.

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