Guatemalan Consulate in Del Rio visits Laredo, provides assistance and shares stories from their country



Laredo is well known for its Mexican heritage, but the city also has members from other countries, including those from Guatemala.

As many of these citizens also need assistance with their visas and other important documents, the Guatemalan consulate operating in Del Rio took the initiative this weekend to visit the gateway city for two days.

During his visit, the consulate provided an overview of its services, explained why there is not yet a consulate in Laredo of Guatemala, and shared some of the unique characteristics of this Central American country.

“The main purpose of this visit is to achieve a mobile consulate, which allows us to reach out to Guatemalan communities in different parts of the United States of America,” said Randy Estuardo Castillo Tocay, Consul of Guatemala in Del Rio. “On this occasion, Laredo, Texas – which is part of the constituency of the Guatemalan consulate in Del Rio, Texas – so we invited all Guatemalans in the area to visit us.”

According to Castillo Tocay, the main services rendered by the Guatemalan population during these visits are the carrying of their passport and consular identity card, which cost $65 and $25 respectively, as well as protection services and migration advice. free for their compatriots.

Castillo Tocay says it has a registry of 500 Guatemalans currently residing in the Laredo area. However, being a border town, it is estimated that this number can double, so they invite all their fellow citizens to visit them so that they can meet and help.

While they provide these services, some wonder why the Guatemalan Consulate office is in Del Rio and not in Laredo which is a larger city and community. The Guatemalan consul says the reason is logistics.

“The reason for the location of our consulate in Del Rio, Texas, is because in 2015 – the date our consular office was opened – a midpoint was sought where the consulate could cover at the both Laredo and El Paso, Texas, also taking into account the migratory mobility at that time,” said Castillo Tocay. “However, new consular offices are being evaluated in various cities across the United States to expand our coverage consular.”

Castillo Tocay said that although the Guatemalan consulate is not as extensive in Texas despite the state’s large population, its citizens do not face many immigration problems. He said all the consulates they have in the state have good communication and are always trying to develop.

“As part of the analysis as a consular mission, we can indicate that due to the territorial extension of Texas, the Guatemalan community is diverse, so depending on its region, these are the needs that may arise,” said said Castillo Tocay. “However, we believe that most of them have all the necessary access, reinforced by the relationships that all Guatemalan consulates have in Texas, to bring consular, health and immigration services closer to our fellow citizens.”

Castillo Tocay says the mobile consulates also provide Laredo residents and all Guatemalans in the area with a bit of home. It’s because they share stories about the country and even a cup of coffee from the country.

Castillo Tocay says Guatemala is truly a gem of a country.

“It’s such a vast subject that all Guatemalans are passionate about, but I can assure you that Guatemala is a multicultural and multilingual country, and that its cultural, gastronomic and commercial richness can delight any citizen of the world,” said said Castillo Tocay.

“We invite everyone to visit us in this mobile consulate and learn more about Guatemala with a cup of the best coffee in the world, produced in Guatemala.”

Anyone interested in meeting with the Guatemalan Consulate who was not present on Saturday has another chance on Sunday, May 15 as they will be at the Catholic Charities Center from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to meet the needs of those in attendance.

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