How mothers are “tabernacles” for their unborn children


Mothers carry within them the life of another human being, making them tabernacles safeguarding the image of God.

Every Catholic Church has a tabernacle within it, protecting and guarding the Eucharistic presence of God.

In a similar way, the Blessed Mother was the first “tabernacle”, carrying within her Jesus Christ.

That is why, in some places, a tradition has been established build tabernacles inside statues of the Virgin Mary.

Keeping this same symbolism, Saint Zelie Martinthe mother of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, wrote in a letter that every mother should be a “tabernacle” for the life she leads.

Above all, during the months immediately preceding the birth of her child, the mother must remain close to God, of whom the child she carries within her is the image, the work, the gift and the child. She should be for her offspring, so to speak, a temple, a sanctuary, an altar, a tabernacle. In short, her life must be, so to speak, the life of a living sacrament, of a sacrament in action, burying herself in the bosom of this God who so well instituted and sanctified her, so that she draws this energy, this illuminating, natural and supernatural beauty that he wants, and wants precisely through her, to give to the child she is carrying and to be born from her.

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Sainte Zélie offers a beautiful reminder to all mothers who the life they bear is holy to God. This is why mothers should do all they can to protect the unborn human life they hold and to cherish the time of pregnancy.

Being pregnant is certainly not easy, but mothers can look to the Blessed Mother for inspiration and strength, recognizing the divine call they have received to be a “tabernacle” of human life.

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