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If you’re going to Catholic Twitter to get famous, think again. Instead, change your motivations and seek to find a connection on Catholic Twitter. Also, God looks at the heart, not the number of your followers. People will know immediately if you are on this platform for selfish motives.

Here are 5 ways to find connections on Catholic Twitter and make your experience on the platform enjoyable!

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Seek to make friends, NOT followers

I had no idea what I was doing when I came to this social media platform; but thanks to advice from new relationships on catholic twitter, i quickly realized it was all about connecting with people. I’ve previously written about How to Use Catholic Twitter for Good, and how our motivations really set the tone for how we experience our time on the platform.

Also, as my Catholic Twitter account has grown, I have become more and more focused on cultivating these relationships; email lots of people, talk to them on the phone, and even meet some of them! It is beyond what I could have imagined. When our souls are aligned with the work of God, we focus on those connections through our work, so those in need of hope, help, and healing will know that God is at hand.

Above all, if you are a Catholic content creator, keep your dms open; Otherwise, how are you going to connect with people if you don’t let them in? I have always enabled this feature in my settings and I reply to every sincere message. It really personalizes the experience and keeps your humility in check. Again and again comes the great reminder from God that I am here for his people.

Taking that one-on-one time to connect with someone is key. I prayed with people, had personal conversations with people, and was moved to tears.

Open your heart and connect, you won’t regret it!

Don’t post to get likes

I see this one all the time. People try too hard, or try to make people laugh or create controversy. This is not a stage, these are real people with real lives! Post things that come from the heart, from grief, from joy, or from the perspective of gratitude. Slowly, I see a move away from all things “influencer”. Even the word gives me restlessness.

Because the thing about Twitter is you don’t have to be smart, you just have to be real. Post prayer requests, quotes, or a piece of art you may have just finished. Independent artists in Catholic Twitter’s creative spaces are loved. We’re here to enhance space, provide beauty and solace, and spend our time thinking about the material we’ll present to the world. And the world would definitely need more beauty now!

I used to spend my time on apps like Canva trying to create content that people would enjoy. The great thing about Twitter is that you don’t have to! Just talk! Speak but say kindly, the words you yourself need to hear; joy and wisdom.

No need for fancy images or hours spent on backgrounds!

Pray BEFORE posting

As many of you know, my conversion to Catholicism happened through Edith Stein. You can check out my story on EWTN here. One of the quotes that has always struck me from St. Edith Stein is this, “Abandon your plans. The first hour of your morning belongs to God. Tackle the day’s work He assigns you, and He will give you the power to accomplish it.

Without prayer, we lack the very foundation of our work.

This is what my morning prayer time looks like. I begin with a morning dedication prayer, offering my work to God and for His greater glory. Then I say a prayer before reading the daily readings, asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten my eyes and open my heart to God’s wisdom, praying that God will help me share this divine wisdom with my Twitter followers. Using Lectio Divina as I read each part of the scriptures slowly and carefully and waiting for God to speak to me is also essential for me. It can be a word or a phrase, but God always shares something with me.

I take these words and send them on catholic twitter in the form of a meditation, posting a thread that includes the topic of the day and focuses the reader on prayer. Including a prayer from my copy of the Liturgy of the Hours which is now offered by word on fire in an essential easy to follow format that is also a must!

From there, personal prayer intentions and my day is set! Don’t leave God out of any work you do! Don’t forget that you are here thanks to Him!

Retweet the things you love

I can’t say it enough times. You are not the end of Catholic creativity! There is so much beauty and rich content on Catholic Twitter if you just search for it. Say no to mindless scrolling, but instead treat Catholic Twitter as a scavenger hunt. You can indeed imagine yourself as a missionary on this platform bringing people around the world the wonderful and unique treasures you find!

There are so many beautiful prayers, photographs and stories to retweet as part of curating my content for beauty. I like to find these pearls of great price when I bring these foreign gems ashore. Learn to ignore hate – don’t get distracted by arguments that lead nowhere. The large Catholic Twitter community wants to see beauty for the ashes.

Think of all the wonderful content you might miss! Some of my favorite accounts are sachin jose and Ralph Capocci who always share their positive and uplifting content. They are fun to interact with and I can feel their sincerity through the screen. I look forward to their daily content!

Who are your favorite Catholic Twitter creators? If you don’t have any, go out and find them! Interact with them and support their mission for God. Each is necessary, beautiful and unique.

Let the process unfold

Don’t expect to be on Catholic Twitter and making your mark immediately. It takes time to navigate all those deep waters! Find your voice on the platform by drawing inspiration from other Catholic creators. And don’t hesitate to call yourself what you are: a writer, an author or an artist. Forget the impostor syndrome. Do you write? So you are a writer. To draw? Then you are an artist! As my editor always tells our staff, you have to crown yourself!

Test the waters. All will not be well. Delete if necessary, but try not to. I only remove items that have typos or that I may have put up when I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Remember to stay in your lane! I remind you that I am not here to tweet on other subjects than those for which God sent me, for God and his one, holy, catholic and apostolic church!

It’s fun to go back in time and see where I started. How I gained confidence through prayer and community to be my best. You will get there too. With a little patience and the gift of the Catholic Twitter community, you’ll get there in no time!

I hope these tips have helped you. We need your beautiful and unique voice on Catholic Twitter to change the landscape.

And don’t hesitate to ask for help. We are ready to help you!

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