“I Took My Time” by Lecx Stacy


Lecx Stacy announced her new album, Held my gaze, will fall on September 15. Featuring the new, second single “Took My Time”, a tender and emotional folk exploration featuring frequent collaborators and friends rei brown and sam.sts.

Held My Gaze mixes introspection with spacious emo-folk music centered around deconstructed industrial elements, shoegaze, indie, hardcore, country and drum ‘n’ bass. The result is a project that spans six expertly crafted tracks that serve as a cathartic culmination of years of self-healing, growth and emotional labor for Lecx as he continues to uncover a deeply personal side of his artistic talent. Inspired by his Filipino heritage and experience as a first-generation American, Lecx unpacks the internal anxieties of being perceived, the pressures imposed on an artist by society layered with the emotional conflicts that occur when close relationships dissolve through a lens steeped in equal parts fantasy juxtaposed with world-building, repurposed Catholic dogma and modern symbolism.

“It’s a project that explores my excessive hyper-fixations, good and bad.”

With the forthcoming EP, Lecx forgoes the socio-political commentary that was at the heart of last year’s debut album Bundok and dives into nostalgia as he expands on the soundscapes of his youth. Lecx Stacy remains one of the leading new voices of our generation; Born to Filipino immigrant parents, Lecx is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of the immigrant experience.

A true creator, Lecx continues to experiment with his music and production, resulting in a unique center-left production and sound. It became self-titled with the next wave of independent newcomers like Rei Brown, Isabella Lovestory, Jean Dawson, Victor Internet, Binki, Dre’es, and more.

Lecx Stacy

Portrait of a dying star
let life live
haunted are you
Well wished
I took my time

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