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There were laws prohibiting women from dressing to impersonate men. There were also laws prohibiting men from dressing as women.

Yet in most early theater groups, men dressed as female characters and did their best in falsetto to portray women in Bible-themed morality plays, then allowed to be performed for the public in medieval Catholic Europe.

Traditional Kabuki players in Japanese theater are all male.

Many of us today remember movie actors who wore “drag” for comedy or drama. Johnathan Winters, Dustin Hoffman, Tony Curtis and Flip Wilson on his show as “Geraldine”, are just a few I remember.

“Not natural,” is the phrase objectors use against LGBTQ people, but traits of opposite-sex identity have been found in animals — penguins and other birds, now we’re looking.

Native Americans in pre-Spanish Empire South America tended to view androgynous or same-sex people as having a calling to serve others, and some were shamans, wise women, or lived in the group as the gender qu they considered themselves as such.

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I think God could just show us that loving each other doesn’t follow a strict protocol. Friendship, sibling or brotherhood, step-parenting, and adoption are all pairings unrelated to mating, but they do work in society. We have brains. Let’s use them to live together more peacefully, not less.

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