Long-lost sister reunites with siblings aged 83


Elliot Lake resident Judith Ann Pitre, who was adopted when she was three months old, reunited with her biological siblings after being discovered on social media

Like many people, fate in life can be described as positive and sometimes negative.

For Judith Ann Pitre, soon to be 83, of Elliot Lake, fate reunited her with three siblings she searched for but never found on her own.

She spoke with ElliotLakeToday in an interview in his comfortable apartment in a Pine Road complex.

Pitre was adopted when she was three months old and placed with a couple who fostered orphaned children for the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Windsor. His adoptive parents had no children of their own and raised foster children, from infants to teenagers.

“I was loved; I was well looked after,” she said of her adoptive parents. “I don’t know why they decided to adopt me. I don’t think they knew my heritage because I’m black,” she said of her heritage which is not apparent when seen.

“There was always something going on,” she said of her relationship with her adoptive parents. She thinks her heritage may have resulted in an “emotional” upbringing with her adoptive mother.

Pitre was good at dancing and was made valedictorian of the nursing school she attended.

With her nursing degree, she found work at the local hospital when she and her husband Rej moved to Elliot Lake in 1985. Rej was injured in an underground mining accident and died in 2006 from the injuries he suffered.

She has since attempted to have her name displayed at the Miners’ Memorial at Horne Lake without success in those efforts.

About 20 years ago, she sent a DNA sample to the Ancestry app while looking for siblings she had never met. She eventually called Ancestry to find out if the search was successful and was told no matches were found.

Early in her life, she ended up adopting three children herself before giving birth to her son Kurt.

It was her daughter-in-law who discovered that someone was looking for her on social media and received a call from a woman. She told her mother-in-law about the contact. The day after Pitre’s 80th birthday, she received a call “from a lady saying they shared a father”.

The communication continued for two years and finally led to the face-to-face meeting with two sisters and a brother in June of this year. She identified her siblings only as Liz, Joan and Roger as her biological family.

“That was one of the exciting parts of talking to them and learning about the family history,” she said of the reunion.

She hopes to continue communicating with her newly discovered family members and hopes to see them soon.

In the near future, she flies to Cuba for a week’s vacation.

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