Louisiana’s Top 247 changes as the senior years advance



247Sports updated the Top247 2022 ranking on Wednesday, the first ranking overhaul since since mid-July.

Since then, we’ve welcomed the return of a normal fall high school football season, the first since 2019. Over the past year, many states either didn’t play or pushed their seasons back to spring. This time around, everyone is involved; sSome have just started (like Hawaii), some have already concluded (like Alaska). Everyone is in on the season.

Context weeks – domestic games designed for television, major interstate games, and an audit of every class, with the addition of two full-time screening analysts – contributed to the first major update since the summer.

The two new analysts, Chris Singletary and Cooper Petagna, join longtime 247Sports analyst Gabe Brooks in front of the very first internal recruitment service of 247Sports. Singletary spent time in the Big Ten as director of player personnel and the Pac-12 as the recruiting director while Petagna also worked in the Big Ten and Pac-12 as a recruiting coordinator and director of recruiting. They join Brooks, who has spent nearly a decade in the recruiting industry, staffing the recruiting department.

These rankings are the first from 247Sports under the revamped ranking process, incorporating their ratings with input from our regional team.

What did the changes in the ranking squad mean when they were paired with the production and last year’s film with Bayou State’s top prospects?

Here’s a look at the revamped Top247 in Louisiana, which now has 12 prospects on the list – with almost all 12 ranked in the Top 150.

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