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September 14, 2022

University continues to fundraise for transformational wellness and recreation facility

MILWAUKEE – In recognition of their “enormous leadership in the fight against mental health in Milwaukee and region,” Marquette University Board Chairman Robert J. Eck made a major announcement in the honor of President Michael R. Lovell and Amy Lovell.

The board will name the third and fourth floors of the university’s planned wellness tower in honor of the Lovells, Eck said.

Marquette leaders are raising funds for a transformational new on-campus wellness + recreation facility that will overlook the Marquette Interchange at 525 N. 16th St. The project includes a new three-story, 30,000-foot wellness tower square feet at the center of the facility – its third and fourth floors will be named the Lovell Center for Student Well-Being.

Michael and Amy LovellMarquette alumni, relatives and friends have contributed $14 million to date for this signing It’s time to get up capital project, said Vice President for Academic Advancement Tim McMahon. “We invite our university community to consider giving in honor of the inspirational leadership of Mike and Amy Lovell and in support of this important project which, when completed, will benefit all of our students,” said McMahon.

“Mike and Amy have been pioneers when it comes to directly addressing mental health issues in our area,” Eck said. “Together, they continue to devote countless hours of energy to reimagining a community of care and to dispelling the stigma that too often surrounds mental illness.”

Integrating student-centered wellness and recreation services under one roof

During his 2022 presidential address, Lovell highlighted “the significant opportunity to serve our students by integrating recreation, fitness, and clinical and mental health services under one roof.”

The university expects more than 200,000 annual visits to the Wellness + Recreation facility.

“We are deeply honored to have a space in the university’s new Wellness Tower that bears our name,” said Mike and Amy Lovell. “We are passionate about student mental health and well-being, and having our names associated with this important project is humbling. »

The Lovell Center will contain many important proactive services that will help Marquette students thrive, with spaces ranging from counseling to spirituality and meditation.

“As a design team, we have been focused on creating dynamic spaces that support the programs and services our students need to thrive in their well-being,” said the Vice President of facility planning and management, Lora Strigens. “By bringing together all the key aspects of wellness, medical, fitness and recreation programs under one roof, we have a unique opportunity to provide an environment where students walk through the doors knowing they are welcome and supported. »

In addition to mental health and wellness services, Marquette Medical Center will be prominently displayed on the second floor of the Wellness Tower, just below the Lovell Center.

“One of the many lessons we have learned during the pandemic is that caring for our students through a combination of health services – encompassing mental, physical and spiritual health – is a major key to their success,” said the vice-president of student affairs, Dr. Xavier Cole. “Offering these services in a combined wellness tower and recreation center will instill healthy habits and behaviors in our students that will last a lifetime.”

Amy Lovell’s efforts spur progress

For more than a decade, Amy Lovell has led mental health reform in the Milwaukee area. In response to several youth suicides in the area, in 2013 Amy started a Milwaukee-based youth mental health advocacy nonprofit called REDgen.

Together, she and Mike created Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee (SWIM) in 2018, an organization that addresses the harmful effects of trauma and its impact on mental health in the Milwaukee community. SWIM brings together government officials, social workers, medical professionals, academics, and nonprofit leaders to address deep-rooted trauma in the region.

“One of Amy’s most impressive traits is her willingness to tackle the toughest issues, even the most devastating and tragic ones,” Eck said. “She gives hope by rolling up her sleeves and bringing people together.”

It’s time to get up the campaign continues to move forward

Marquette History It’s time to get up continues to gain momentum, advancing the university’s Jesuit Catholic mission, recently surpassing $600 million toward its $750 million goal. In a letter to alumni, relatives and friends, Eck highlighted the dedicated volunteer leadership of It’s time to get up National campaign co-chairs Mary Ellen and Dr. Scott Stanek, as well as Chuck and Karen Swoboda.

The campaign has already attracted more than 58,000 donors, of which more than 27,000 (47%) have made their very first donation to Marquette. Building on its founding mission to provide accessible education, Marquette has raised $245 million in scholarship funds. Additionally, 666 donors gave $100,000 or more in pledges, and more than 120 donors gave $1 million or more.

About Marquette’s Planned Wellness and Leisure Center

Nearly 50 years ago, a transformational gift from the Helfaer family created the current Marquette recreation facility, dramatically improving its campus. Today, the university seeks to build on this culture of well-being and personalized cura — taking care of the whole person — thanks to a complete renovation that will transform the Helfaer tennis stadium and leisure center into the new Wellness + Recreation complex.

A couple of passionate alumni donated $10 million to kick-start the effort, and the university has raised another $4 million to date. Learn more about the project and please consider donating to the fund in honor of Mike and Amy Lovell to help develop a culture of wellness on the Marquette campus.

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