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We lost a world angel when Mary Ellen Maples passed away on the morning of September 17, 2022. She was surrounded by her family and was at peace.

Mary was born on February 8, 1954 to Roman and Luella Frieder. Romy worked at Manitowoc Shipyards and the Frieder City family bakery. Mary has always been so proud of Frieder’s Bakery and her humble nature grew out of those roots. She was the youngest of three and, being the only girl, took the title “she” or “she”, as that is what her mother called her when talking about her special daughter. She was her mother’s sidekick and best friend from day one and the special bond only grew with time. Like all older brothers, Mary’s brothers (Tommy Frieder and Billy Frieder) were proud to love and care for their little sister, but also enjoyed pushing her buttons. Mary has always loved sharing the story of her brothers who put her on the fridge one day when their mother was away. Tommy and Billy deny this, but moments like these are what formed such a close bond between Mary and her brothers. They would give anything for her, and she would give anything for them – and the three never stopped pushing each other’s buttons from time to time.

Mary attended Lincoln High School in Manitowoc, WI and graduated in 1972. She then completed her studies at Silver Lake College, earning her elementary education degree in 1976. She was known to friends and classmates as being friendly, genuine, honest, good natured, humble and optimistic. These qualities were ingrained in her nature and all memories of Mary from all phases of life will undoubtedly share many of these exceptional traits.

Even before high school, Mary met the love of her life – Bill. They started dating in sixth grade and shared a true love story. They were married in their hometown at St. Andrew’s Church in 1978. Mary began her teaching career at Manitowoc at St. Paul’s Catholic School and eventually went on to teach at St. Joseph’s in Waterloo, WI, while Bill was attending medical school at Madison. She was so proud to be a teacher, delighted to share her knowledge and guidance with her students in her own way, and grateful for the many close and lasting friendships she made with those she taught and taught with. Bill and Mary moved to Rochester, MN for Bill to continue his training at the Mayo Clinic – but the biggest gifts to Rochester were their two children. Andy (1982) and Brian (1984) were the pride of Mary’s life. As she said in her own words, they “made her life perfect.” The Maples family moved to Ponte Vedra Beach in 1987 when Bill began practicing medical oncology at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. Mary said early on it would be a temporary move as she hoped to return to the Midwest soon. Hundreds of friends and thousands of memories later, Ponte Vedra beach has become his home. It’s probably best to say it’s become a second home. Mary’s roots were always in Manitowoc and her values ​​were formed there, but her wings took her to Florida and to a special group of people with whom she was able to share those values ​​and the joy of being in Her presence.

Mary lived her life to the full – but above all full of love. She loved her beginnings – her hometown, her parents, her brothers, aunts and uncles, cousins ​​and friends. Mary lost her father (Romy) when she was just eighteen, but the memories she shared with him seemed to be worth a lifetime. She was especially proud of the state championships he had won in bowling. Mary’s relationship with her mother (Luella) was one any mother and daughter would dream of. Their daily interactions sometimes included deep conversations and at other times a simple hello – but they were all meaningful in their own way. Tommy (Mary) Frieder and Billy (Judy) Frieder were always on her mind and she treasured every moment the Frieder family spent together. The family’s love grew after marrying Bill. The Maples family – Jim and Marilyn Maples, Diane (Kevin) Hollenbeck, Mike (Mary Brandt) Maples – became a part of hers and her special, sister-like relationship with Mary Brandt led to many incredible laughs, experiences and memories. As his blood and his chosen family grew, his love extended to his nine nieces and nephews in addition to all of their children. The love of family extended to her friends, as she truly considered her friends the same as her family. There are too many to mention, but they all know who they are and that, to Mary, they were special in a way that words cannot describe. Mary loved working at TPC Sawgrass and especially loved the relationships she formed with the members of the clubhouse, namely the “basement girls”. She loved her Catholic faith and the many friends she met in various parishes. She loved to give advice – and everyone who knew her was the recipient, welcome or not, of such advice. She loved animals of all kinds but had a real passion for birds – especially feeding them and watching them at her feeders. Even the squirrels didn’t bother her as they were an equally great source of entertainment. Even more than birds, Mary loved dogs. From her first childhood dog (Honey) to those in her adult life (Muffin, Morgen and Emme), dogs have brought her the truest sense of joy and happiness. Marie loved gardening. She had a green thumb and enjoyed growing plants and flowers and observing all the wildlife that came with her. She loved coupon clippings and bargains – many share memories of hectic shopping trips where Mary bought trinkets and anything that reminded her of a friend or family member. Mary loved to play cards – and especially in Shanghai. Shanghai was a family tradition. Many hands have been played, but the conversations and memories created together around the table are priceless. Marie loved to travel. Her most treasured trips were probably those returning home to Wisconsin to visit family and friends. She enjoyed trips to Boston to visit her sons while they were attending Boston College. His travels have expanded by coordinating trips with his friends and his nephew, Steve, to places like the Galápagos Islands, numerous national parks, Hawaii, Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, Ireland, Scotland, the Germany, an African safari and Switzerland. She loved when others came to visit her and cherished visits from friends and family members, especially those of her niece, Julie. The trip to the family cabin in Blowing Rock, North Carolina has always been special. It was Mary’s peaceful place to relax and observe nature (many animals included), but it was also a dreamy memory with unique and unforgettable experiences shared with all her family. Mary loved when people were just together, and it was the perfect place to be together.

Above all, Mary loved her family. Her husband, sons and six grandchildren – Maggie, Romy, Will, Maria, Parker and Fitzy. She loved being an amazing part of their lives and took every opportunity to be with them. She was proud of her husband and sons, and all of their accomplishments, activities, friendships and interests. She had a special way of sharing that pride with so many others, but in a way that only a proud, humble and loving mother could. For those who have heard stories about Bill, Andy and Brian, you know exactly what that means. Probably most importantly, she was proud from head to toe that Andy (Lindsay) and Brian (Alex) had blessed her with six perfect grandchildren. She loved watching Maggie ice skate. She loved watching Romy play golf. She loved watching Will play hockey. She liked to watch Maria dance. She couldn’t get enough stories about Parker and Fitzy. She wanted to know all about their schools. She bent over backwards to make the vacation the most special time imaginable. She just couldn’t spend enough time with her grandchildren and every second spent with them was a memory in the making. She was the best “Meme!”

Mary is predeceased by her mother (Luella Frieder), father (Romy Frieder), stepmother (Marilyn Maples), close aunt and uncle (Ethel and George Frieder), sister-in-law (Judy Frieder ), and other extended family members and close friends.

As Saint Ignatius of Loyola said so well, “Love is manifested more in deeds than in words.” As Mary herself said so beautifully, “The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of your time.” Combined, these two quotes sum up Mary Ellen perfectly. Time is such a precious gift and she willingly and freely shared time with her friends and family as if it were endless. She took the time to listen and share her love for people through genuine interest and caring for virtually everyone she met. She shared love in her own way – time, stories, laughter, hugs, phone calls, newspaper clippings, home cooking, visits, thoughtful gifts (she bought Christmas presents all day). year) and was always a listening ear and a helping hand. . Stemming from her upbringing and faith, everyone was the same and equally important – so time shared with others and care and concern shown to others was always the best she could give. This love so often served as a bridge, for Mary had the gift of being the force that connected different groups of people and thus encouraged other friendships to flourish. Mary’s love certainly occupies a special place in the chapters of so many lives. For those touched by his love, they will never forget him. They say a broken heart is a heart that has been loved. Many hearts were broken with the loss of Mary, but we must be at peace knowing that her love remains in all of our lives and that she will share the same love and support from Heaven.

Celebration of Life services will be held at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) on Monday, September 26 at 11 a.m. Family reception will begin at 10:00 a.m. A reception will follow.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, please consider making donations to: Champions For Hope and/or the Manitowoc Lincoln Park Zoological Society. These organizations will either help fund pancreatic cancer research or support the Manitowoc Zoo and the animals it houses. Please visit his online tribute at Facilities by…

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