More than just a meal: Yuma Catholic Community Services makes a difference in the lives of homebound seniors


FOX 9’s Adam Klepp accompanies YCCS as they deliver meals and more

YUMA – (KECY-TV, KYMA-TV) – The Yuma Catholic Community Services Home Meal Program serves 298 seniors in the Yuma area. They provide approximately 10,000 meals per month for the elderly.

Residents receive three deliveries per week with one meal for each day. They receive five meals a week, one hot and one frozen on Monday, one hot and one frozen on Wednesday, then one hot on Friday. The menu never repeats itself within six weeks.

One of YCCS’s delivery drivers is Al Weber. He has been delivering meals to the elderly in Yuma for over 20 years.

He traces his route from memory, visiting more than thirty elderly people on each trip, while remembering their names along the way.

He says the response from the locals he serves is the reason he’s been delivering food for two decades.

“The need is always there, and the people’s response is always there, the thank you is always there,” Weber said.

While the program helps seniors at risk for nutritional deficiencies, it also provides them with social interactions.

“It’s nice to see someone, you know?” Rosa said. “We are alone, many elderly people have no one to visit us. They only visit us to give us the food, or from the owner to see how we are doing. “

People like Rosa are the reason Mary McClendon, Associate Director of CCS, says the senior nutrition program is more than just a meal.

“We actually went to houses where they fell, and they waited 2-3 hours on the ground knowing their driver is coming, and they can give them the help they need at that time,” McClendon said. noted.

Rosa says it gives her some peace of mind.

“This program doesn’t just feed us, it watches over us, to make sure we’re doing well,” Rosa said.

Individuals 60 years and older in our community who are at risk of nutritional deficiency or social isolation are eligible for the Yuma Catholic Community Services Home Delivery Meal Program.

For more information, visit the JCCS website.

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