New gender policy outrages LGBTQ+ community


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette recently implemented a gender identity policy in schools.

The policy is about how students, faculty, and staff should follow the Roman Catholic Church’s guidelines on gender identity.

The political decision caused a lot of anger in the LGBTQ+ community.

One person told KLFY News Ten that the decision “is weak. I think it’s cowardly of the diocese to so deliberately ignore the real living conditions of its parishioners.

The Diocese of Lafayette told News Ten that “the policy is not new, but it is a clarification of what has been in effect in Catholic schools in the diocese for years. It is intended to explain Roman Catholic doctrine and teachings on human sexuality, so that students, parents and school staff know what to expect when they enroll or are hired to work at any school in the diocese.

schools like St. Thomas More High School and Tuerlings Catholic High School issued statements on the application of the policy which will come into effect this year.

A current student told News Ten he was surprised but not surprised by the decision.

“Seeing it in writing set me back and it disappointed me,” they said. “But more importantly, not safe in the school where I am. They mentioned safety in the policy, but safety for whom is what I want to ask for.”

A former student of St. Thomas More Ellis Clay said the diocese needs to establish rules to help keep students safe. He claims that this policy does not do that.

“The diocese must understand that it is going to do a lot of harm to these students when the objective is to protect them. This policy goes against that,” he said.

With the policy in place, the diocese expects full cooperation for the upcoming school year.

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