Nightcrawler Dunks On Iron Man’s MCU Rescue With God-Tier Power Feat



Spoilers for Legion of X #6 ahead!Somnambulist has long been the heart and soul of most x-men teams, but a recent glitch has him displaying feats of power that even outclass Iron Man.

Life hasn’t been easy for Kurt Wagner. Abandoned by his mother (later revealed to be the mutant Mystique) after his mutations left him with a monstrous appearance, Kurt struggled with prejudice and hatred due to his demonic visage. He found comfort and understanding, first in his catholic faith, then to his friends, the X-Men. Since joining Len Wein and Dave Cockrum’s team Giant Size X-Men #1, Nightcrawler has been a positive presence, regaling his comrades with his charm, wit, good nature, and optimism. Kurt has rarely been one to show power, preferring to leave that to his teammates – until now.


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Chez Si Spurrier and Rafael Pimentel Legion of X #6, Kurt has a chance to shine and tops a well-known MCU Iron Man feat. Judgment Day has come to Arakko, in the form of the evil Eternal (and Thanos’ grandfather) Uranos, who has come to devastate the planet in the Eternals’ quest to eradicate mutantkind. While the battle is brutal, with Arakko devastated and Magneto dead, this number shows that the situation would be much worse without the furry blue elf. Kurt first tricks the undefeated Isca, teleporting her away from the battle to incapacitate an opponent who cannot lose. Then he begins to evacuate Arakki – each of them, one group at a time, each maintaining physical contact with him by holding hands.

Nightcrawler single-handedly saves a planet of mutants

With a small power boost from Xavier’s mutant Omega son, Legion, Kurt is able to continue going far beyond his natural limits. As Legion distracts Uranos on the astral plane, Nightcrawler evacuates as many civilians as he can, safe from harm – and into a pocket dimension inside his powerful friend’s head. And the plan works perfectly, until a group of Arakki warriors mistakenly injure Kurt, slowing him down and distracting him. Legion during his battle with Uranos. This heroic strategy bears a striking resemblance to a scene from iron man 3, where Tony saves a group of people in free fall from an exploding plane by making them hold hands as he flies past them, one by one. It was a memorable scene in an underrated Phase 2 movie, but Kurt’s actions blow Tony’s plan out of the water – not only does he save a lot more people, but he teleports himself to a dimension. pocket (or “reality bubble”) in Legion’s brain. : that is, beyond normal time and space.

While the day of judgment has been heartbreaking for Marvel heroes and civilians, the event showed Nightcrawler at its best. Heroic, brave, self-sacrificing and determined, Kurt saves the day with swashbuckling flair… while Tony accidentally helped create the Celestial madman known as the Progenitor who currently threatens Earth. This divine feat of Somnambulist not just dunks on MCU Iron Manrescue, but he also exhibits the best traits that endeared this member of the x-men to fans for generations.

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