Nightcrawler’s Demonic Redesign Is The X-Men Hero’s Worst Nightmare



Warning: Contains previews and spoilers for Legion of X #7The loved one x-men hero Somnambulist is best known for his signature blue fur and devilish appearance, but a glimpse of Legion of X #7 shows that Kurt Wagner has gone through some sort of secondary mutation, making him seem more demonic than ever.

Nightcrawler is perhaps Marvel’s most famous Catholic hero – besides the constantly guilty Daredevil – and while much of Path of X and Legion of X have been about Kurt building a new mutant faith, he’s still incredibly sensitive to his demonic appearance due to his Catholic upbringing and faith. Introduced in the 1975s Giant-Size X-Men #1Nightcrawler was one of Marvel Comics’ very first visibly mutated mutants who couldn’t hide his true appearance – a constant plot point and source of struggle for the mighty hero.


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Legion of X #7 – by Si Spurrier, Netho Diaz, Federico Blee and Clayton Cowles – is the first issue of Legion occur after the shocking events of the recent Judgment Day event, a crisis that Nightcrawler played an extremely important role work with the Avengers and Eternals to save the entire planet. Now that the Crisis is over, Kurt is back at the head of his Legionnaires, a group of self-directed mutants who work from the Legion Altar – a space between realities, helping solve the crimes and crises of the mutants. The overview pages of Legion of X #7 reveal that even though Nightcrawler acts like everything is back to normal on Krakoa after the Progenitor resets the world, things are certainly not normal, as Kurt has undergone some sort of secondary mutation or evolutionary growth, with the already demonic hero now sporting intense devil horns. Secondary mutations are often biological or scientific in origin, such as Beast developing his classic blue fur and animal-like appearance after experimenting on himself, or occur after a traumatic event, such as Emma Frost develops diamond skin during the Genosha Genocide, so it’s a huge mystery as to what caused Nightcrawler to develop these horns.

Nightcrawler’s horns turn him into a devil

The nation of Krakoa is completed with mutants who don’t look like standard humans, and even though Nightcrawler has lived with his looks for years and done a lot of work to accept himself as desirable and lovable, it’s clear from the preview that the growth of its horns is always causing shame and dismay to the hero. It seems like Nightcrawler is worried about his peers’ perception of him, now that he looks even more “monstrous” in his opinion, but the truth is that many Krakoan mutants look differentand his shame and fear almost certainly stem from a feeling of internal insecurity.

The synopsis for Legion of X #7 reveals that Kurt won’t be the only mutant in the issue to seemingly have newly developed “monstrous” traits, but whether the development of these new mutant “monsters” will lead to altered power sets or personalities is yet to be revealed. Nightcrawler’s history is filled with weird and unnecessary retcons to its story, establishing that his time as an ordained Catholic priest was all smoke and mirrors, and at one point he recalled that his father is Azazel, which means Nightcrawler is literally a demon, and not just a demon-like mutant.

Regardless of its history, it makes perfect sense that much of the insecurity, doubt and religious hypocrisy Somnambulist has known around his appearance throughout his time with the x-men would be triggered by the growth of those devil horns, another reminder of his difference from humans who hate and fear him.

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Legion of X #7 from Marvel Comics debuts in stores on November 9, 2022.

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